Agility CMS – Cloud based CMS for digital media

Agility Content Management System (CMS) is a convenient cloud computing content solution for all types of businesses including private and public. Agility CMS can do works like streamlining content – on the web, on social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter), mobile application and the mobile site via a single application.

Leading advertising agencies use Agility as it enables them to work without having to worry about limitations of the application. There are no design constraints, so designers have access to unlimited creativity freedom. Agility CMS is a one step content management solution for various types of websites.

Agility CMS is a cloud based content management solution, so it does not require the installation of software, hardware or monitoring of any types of databases. Users need a little under an hour to learn and work with the application for updating content at various platforms in different formats.

The application makes the job of a content manager easy and precise with the tailor-made solutions. It is easy to work with and is flexible to various types of changing requirements. Agility content management system enables in moderating user generated content, comments and videos with ease. Designers can give a free flight to their creativity as the application perfectly fits different types of design formats.

Features of Agility CMS

  1. Agility cuts down on time – the application enables you to cut down your time by about 50%, thus enabling you to meet deadlines easily.
  2. Agility is customized in lines with your coding style. The application is compatible with industry standard formats like – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET.
  3. Agility does not require any hardware, software or database to be updated or maintained. It works in the cloud.
  4. Content editors require less than 2 hours to learn and start using Agility.
  5. Agility is designed to meet unique content. Only a few clicks are needed to complete the daily tasks efficiently.
  6. Agility enables updating blog posts, monitoring comments and approving user generated content including videos in a single interface to help save time.
  7. Agility makes content editing easy and efficient.
  8. Layout for web, social media and mobile application can be designed with different types of tools by using Agility.
  9. Agility enables you to get all your content in digital platforms from one place.
  10. Agility puts together top measurement tools like – Google, Omniture and DoubleClick to give the best results.
  11. Agility is facilitated to function for high profile and high ranking sites and also for handling digital campaigns and contests.
  12. Agility enables in rapidly and consistently delivering well formatted content to tablets and smartphones of all shapes and sizes.
  13. Agility is preferred by thousands of Facebook users and enables marketers to measure their social media management.

Agility CMS is easy to use and even those without any technical expertise can use it efficiently with ease. The teams of experts at Agility are ready to answer all customer related queries within 1 hour – accurately and authentically. From content editors, to developers to designers to marketers and business owners – the application is ideal for all.

Download : Agility CMS


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