AgileZen – lean project management made easy

AgileZen is a simple yet flexible, cost effective web based lean project management tool. It has been taking inspirations and ideas from lean, kanban, and agile methodologies to provide you with every possible opportunity to become more organized, focused, and targeted.

AgileZen - lean project management

AgileZen is available for a straightforward, easy to follow monthly fee. It does not include any per-user fees, system fees, or annulment fees. You are allowed to upgrade, simplify or unsubscribe your AgileZen account easily as per your needs.

The USP of AgileZen is that it is simple, user friendly and provides efficient customer service. AgileZen’s venture managing software can influence growth and adjust with you increasing your work efficiency.

lean project manager AgileZen

By trailing a few plain performance metrics AgileZen can give you an idea of evaluating your own capacity and performance.

AgileZen will help you realize the level of efficiency within your project team by tracking a number of bend over presentation metrics namely, cycle time and lead time.

You will be able to see both on the available performance screen as the up to date values for each of cycle and lead time metrics are showed.

These are accompanied by charts that give you a clear idea of the transformation that has taken place over the time.

You can make use of these given charts and metrics as guides to lead your way when you discover innovative ways of working that makes your project mechanism more agile.

Features of AgileZen

AgileZen includes some effective and handy features required for successful project management:

  1. AgileZen systematizes your work visually that lets you observe and network with your complete project altogether at the same time, whereas it does not let you lose the focus from the immediate task allocated to you.
  2. AgileZen allows you to change the shade of story cards so that they are kept in an organized manner into distinct groups of work. You are provided with the option of tags and you can put on tags to your accounts contained by the project administration structure. The connotation of tags depends on you. You can use tags as per your demands and priorities.
  3. AgileZen helps you stay in constant touch with your team mates whenever you want. The work efficiency of your project will improve if you are successful in maintaining a commendable working mechanism with all your members working efficiently. AgileZen’s nimble project administration tool provides you with a quite a few features that will help you to notify your team members as per requirements. The project administration tool offers different illustration indicators and quite a controlling messaging organism.
  4. With AgileZen’s project administration software, if you meet with a problem regarding any story, all you have to do is mark it as blocked, which will alert everyone regarding the problem.

Thus, AgileZen might prove to be a useful project managerial tool for you.

Download : AgileZen


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