Vision Project – web based tool for lean/agile project management

Project Management software, Vision Project helps you to manage your projects in a better way, saving your time and money.

It supports the Lean and Agile (Scrum and XP) way to mange projects with tools such as a task board, Kanban, Burn-Down Charts, and Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD).

At the same time, it can also be used for the Traditional Project Management.

vision project - project management software

This software also has in addition the Help desk and Service Desk Module. The Time Reporting Module in this software helps you to keep track of where your people.

Its high-end software is compatible with all others. It has got a well built-in web-based support portal to keep track.

Features of Vision Project

  1. The document management system of this project enables you to organize your document and ensure that only the right people get access to sensitive information.
  2. Its Application Lifecycle Management can also be made of use in combination with all modules, right from ideas to execution and also during the maintenance and Support phase.
  3. Vision Project enables people in a certain company to be working with the same system thereby increasing the communication between the people and no one felt left out from the information.
  4. It has been proved that by implying this software Project Success has been improved significantly.
  5. Vision Projects superior tab-oriented user interface and quick context menu with edit ability to minimize the work time. This enables you to have many more projects, issues, searches, companies, tag views at the same time.
  6. The dashboard is the first thing that comes to one’s view. This is again customized and holds issues that are assigned to you, recent activity of the project that you are involved in, upcoming version, search results, statistic graphs, and host of other port lets.
  7. The left side panel of this application holds links to the projects you are apart of and also lists online users and a list of your latest visited issues. This panel also has tabs, down, with the possibilities to list issues to tags or predefined searches.
  8. The context help will help you to find the relevant help about that section, with just a click on the question mark icon on the page or on the panel or port let.

Vision Projects can help its customers maximize his/her investment and help them to organize and be more efficient by providing a wide range of consulting services such as integration service, business process analysis an improvement, workshops, and configuration.

It also offers educational services and training, on site at your business, or through the internet. This can be of much help in admission as well as end users.

Under the development center, it offers the tools that are needed to integrate Vision projects with one’s recent business critical system.

This software offers a world-class support service. Support through videos, knowledge base articles, and discussion forums are filled with useful information and guides.

One can create an account for free and get the trial offer for 20 days and use it to satisfaction and view the efficiency of this unique software.

Download: VisionProject


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