9 Best Address Book App for iPhone to Manage Your Contacts

Organizing your favorite and important contact details can be difficult and annoying sometimes.

The stock Address and contacts applications which come on iPhone don’t come with a lot of advanced features.

So, today we thought of sharing some unique and useful address book apps for iPhone which will help you to organize your contacts.

Address Book App for iPhone

Smartr Contacts for iPhone

Developed by Xobni Corp. Smartr contacts will bring magic to your iPhone. This is a free app and comes with a lot of exciting features.

Special rich profiles of your contacts will be made which will include all the call log history and contact updates from various social networking websites.

No need to worry if you were using the stock contacts app because you can export all your contacts from the stock iOS app to Smartr contacts. You can also send e-mails with the help of this app.

The people whom you have sent emails most of the time will be given more priority and will be displayed on the top.

You can even customize your contacts and if you want to hide any contact you can hide it too. – Smartr Contacts for iPhone

Tacts – Address Book App for iPhone

Quickly connect with your friends using Tacts. Tacts come with advanced features that will help you in organizing your contact list.

If you are having a group of your friends, you can put them under a special group and easily manage all your friends.

Add all the details of your friends using this single app and you won’t need any other app for managing details.

Tacts analyze your call log history and it will give top priorities to the people whom you are contacting more often and will display their names at the top of your contact list.

You can not only search contacts in your address book by entering names but also by entering e-mail id, phone number, address etc. – Tacts – Smart Contact Manager

Youlu Address Book App for iPhone

Youlu Address book is one of the smartest contact management app for iPhone which comes with more powerful contacts, groups, calling and messaging capabilities along with an amazing dial-pad.

You can also integrate Youlu Messenger with this app which will allow you to send text messages, chat with your friends on Youlu Network free of cost.

Youlu Keyboard is a T9 dictionary-enabled and you can search contacts by entering names, email id, phone number, or address. Send messages to more than one person at the same time.

Youlu also scans the contact details using QR code. If you want to sync the contacts which you have saved on your stock iOS you can use the synchronization feature. – Youlu Address Book

Dialvetica Contacts for iPhone

Instantly Call, text, or e-mail your contacts by just tapping on your iPhone using Dialvetica Contacts.

You can send text messages, make a call, or send emails to your friends by just using the tap function. Tap from 1-3 for texting, calling, or e-mailing.

This app comes with a custom keyboard with a lot of advanced features. With the tap function, the people who use mobile phones while driving can communicate very easily.

This is a paid app and you can get it from the Apple iTunes App store. – Dialvetica Contacts

Delete Q for iPhone

Delete Contacts Fast or Delete Q will help you in organizing your contacts by deleting the contacts which are not useful to you.

Actually it is not a contact management app, but I felt it was worth mentioning because it’s a quick way to clean out your contacts when they’ve become unused for a long time.

You might be wondering why you need an app just for deleting contacts. So let’s have a look at some of the features which you get in this app.

Select and delete multiple contacts from the phone book, Search any contact with the help of phone number and name, easy to select all contacts on a search result at once, etc.

Delete Q is tested by a lot of people and as per the stats gathered you can delete more than 1500 contacts in less than 1 minute, more than 3000 contacts in less than 2 minutes and more than 4000 contacts in less than 3 minutes. – Delete Contacts Fast – DeleteQ

Contaqs – Contact Manager for iPhone

Contaqs is a simple yet powerful contact manager for iPhone that allows you to manage all your contacts into specific groups instantly.

If you want to get details information about any contact just tap once and you will get all the details information about that contact which will include the phone number, e-mail address, address, and many more.

You can easily create and manage groups in this app. You can also use the drag and drop feature for deleting or adding contacts in and out of the group. – Contaqs

Contacts + App for Address Book

Contacts + is a paid, but worth buying app which will help you in managing the addresses and contacts.

If you are having a huge list of contacts and your job is to contact most of them you should try using Contacts +.

Using this app you would be able to make calls and send SMS at the speeds you would have never imagined.

Whenever you receive a message a pop-up will come displaying the text you received in the message and will give you the option to reply using the same window.

Call your friends and relatives instantly using the one-touch dial feature. – Contacts+

ReachFast Contact Manager App

As the name says, using this app text, call, and Facetime just within a blink of an eye.

We have discussed a lot of apps above which serve the purpose of contact manager for iPhone, but ReachFast is one app that will do all the processes 3 times as faster as all the above-mentioned apps.

ReachFast also comes with tapping feature where you can tap once if you want to make a call, tap twice to Facetime and if you want to send a text message just swipe right and there you go. – ReachFast Contacts

FlickAddress Address Book App

FlickAddess is Address book app available for both iPhone and iPad devices.

You can create different groups on FlickAddress and if you find it difficult to access the groups created by you, you can simply use the Page Control option which is present at the bottom of your home screen.

Organizing contacts made easy by using the drag and drop feature. Using the Mass e-mail option you can send emails but also text messages to a lot of people at the same time. – FlickAddress


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