Action method – A flexible and intuitive project management tool

Action method is a flexible and intuitive project management that will appeal to creative and non-creative individuals alike who wish to organize and collaborate on projects more effectively. Action Method revolves around the main concept of “action step” which is the virtual equivalent to a post it note that you can write down the description of whatever that you need to get done. Each action step is assigned to a project, where it will be displayed alongside all other steps in the project.

Action method

A wonderful thing about Action method is that it is flexible enough to let its users organize his or her tasks. The highlighting of steps with three colors (blue, red or silver) helps to prioritize them based on when they are due. You can notify another person about a task that you have assigned him by just entering the email address of the concerned person and he will be automatically notified.

You can even decline a task delegated to you and send it back to the original delegator with a short explanatory note. Action Method provides you with other ways of communicate and keep a track of projects other than steps. The reference sheets can be used to share notes, links and attachments. You can post notes that are not necessarily tasks that need to get done in an area called “backburner”.

“Discussions” is a forum like area that allows you to participate with others. You can put down simple events that serve as larger milestones for your projects like launch dates, meetings, etc. There is an activity feed area where you can see all your activities across these tools recorded and displayed which you can use to inform others about your activities or keep a track of your progress. A drawback of Action Method is that it does not have an internal messaging system. The formatting options for the steps or tasks are limited. It also does not allow users to delegate tasks that require ongoing action.

Features of Action method

  1. It comes with Action Steps which are tasks that needs to be completed. Each Action Step should start with a verb.
  2. Action Method comes with References that are notes, links, files, sketches or any sort of information related to a project that gives context to your Action Steps.
  3. Backburners are the brilliant ideas that cannot be put to action at present but you want to come back to later.
  4. Discussions enable you to manage ongoing conversations across all of your projects with anyone you are working with. You can have shared documents, solutions to problems, feedback, decisions and other such communication information in one place.
  5. EVENTS are the key occasions, meetings, milestones, etc toward which you are working along with your team. Events can be used to coordinate deadlines for Action Steps, aiding project management.

Thus you can see Action Method can be a radical approach to productivity and project management that makes your work easier.

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