AceRoute – work order scheduling and Route management Solution

AceRoute is Simple , instinctive, and easy to make use of Work Order setting up, transmit, and Route management solution which is duly providing complete functionality to enhance your business effectively without slowing you into complex and value less added features.


AceRoute keeps a record of the customer data and also records the service history. It also records the detailed customer notes and stores the contact details, locations and sites.

Above all AceRoute incorporates the system of geocoding and validation.

Features of AceRoute

  1. Effective Customer Relationship management software (CRM)
  2. Resource Management – It helps to keep a record of the significant employee data and incorporates various steps to enhance the team management aspect in an organization.
  3. Work Order Administration – In managing the different work related aspects AceRoute is very effective. It manages all the recurring and single time direct orders. It also helps in assigning the different resources to the individuals or teams. It also takes care of the aspect that the jobs are assigned in such a way that the results obtained are effective. Again it also keeps a regular track of all the tasks and also updates the administrator about the status of the task. Apart from that it informs you about the part of the resource that has been utilized and also shows the administrator, the resource instructions and the audit trails.
  4. Scheduling and transmit – AceRoute provides you with the effective feature of drag and drop in the dispatch section of the organization. It also provides the effective features of map, find, closet resource, different calendar views. With AceRoute you will be able to track your resource availability and you will have a visual display of your resource availability. You will be able to print your order lists.
  5. Route administration and Optimization – It helps you to calculate the displacement rather than the distance. It also takes care of the order mapping aspects and fixing the route. You can print the daily route papers and the specific directions and AceRoute offers you the exact occurrence of the traffic situations.
  6. Time Tracking and billing – Helps to bring out the customer reports on a weekly basis and also the amount of hours that is worked.
  7. Specialized Dash Board and reporting – Check the status of your order and also check out the trend of the market on a weekly basis.
  8. Customization – Describe Custom client Types, Describe Order Types, Describe Task Types, Describe the different material types.
  9. User Management – You can create infinite number of user accounts with your incorporated Google applications and Google will also be providing the very important authentication system and security.
  10. Technology – It is completely web based and is reliable, scalable and most of all, secure.

With such an array of highly beneficial features, AceRoute is a must try app. It will surely be helping all the transport handling organizations. It will not only be serving the venture owners with advanced technology but will also help then to curtail much of the cost.

Download : AcerRoute


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