Ableton Live 8 – music editing and composing software

The music industry has scaled up to new heights. With the advancement of technology the music industry too has undergone a vivid change.

Ableton Live 8

The Ableton Live 8 is a simple, easy to use nonlinear music making and editing software for song composition, production, recording, lives performance and remixing.

It also provides real time editing tools that act as a huge boon to the live performers. Thus if you have your intentions of creating fresh music rather than opting for a software then Albelton Live 8 would be the perfect option for you.

If you have the intention of "making music" rather than making a” music software," then Ableton is the most suitable for you.

Version that has been released last is the Live 8 and it includes revamped warping, new effects, several new techniques and various improvements with grooved engine that is completely new, live looping.

  1. Session View : The only software that provides the "Session View" is the live music production. Various musical phrases and ideas can be shared using this technique. The View provided by the Session is completely non-linear, which enables you to play back as well as record your own ideas in the specific order that you want. When you get the chance to work on a completely new track, this software provides a flexible and smart way to record and write. With the explicit usage of music live, you get a total independence to improvise as well as complete flexibility.
  2. Arrangement View : There is a provision of second view by Live: there is an “Arrangement View, along-with a completely new environment for music production. So this provides a “Session View” and is perfectly suited for arranging, mixing and recording. There is a great deal of interaction between the two views and both have their own intricacies and strengths. Both are dependent on the principle of intuitive music-making and creative.

Features of Albelton Live 8

  1. Recording can be made up to the maximum level of 32-bit/192 kHz
  2. Unlimited undo is provided along-with nondestructive editing features.
  3. MIDI sequencing for the hardware and software instruments that is not only powerful but also creative.
  4. real-time stretching with very advanced wrapping
  5. Supports WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC files and MP3.
  6. Provision of MIDI effects complied with built-in audio.
  7. Built-in instruments: Easy synthesis for sample-based and impulsive for sampled based drums.
  8. Drum , Effect Racks and Instrument
  9. application and extraction of grooves in the real time
  10. AU and VST support; compensation for plug-in delay is done automatically.
  11. Built-in audio support along with the support of REX file in addition to the provision of MIDI slicing.
  12. Video export and import for video warping and scoring.
  13. MIDI mapping for specifically selected hardware
  14. Support for Full Rewire; runs as Master or Slave.
  15. Simple as well as focused operation that is creative an works equally well with the Single-screen.
  16. Multiprocessor and Multicore support

Thus, Albelton Live 8 is software that is developed in a completely musical environment where the basic focus is on the creation as well as production of music. This software provides a great deal of flexibility and is also very intuitive and appealing to users and so it is sure to create a great impression in you.

Download : Ableton Live 8


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