8 Best Google Reader Alternatives Apps

Google reader is one of the best News Reader out there for your favorites websites and RSS feeds.

Unfortunately Google had discontinued this service recently. There were a lot of people using Google Reader for there daily works but right now they want some better alternative.

Today we are going to share the 8 best alternatives to Google Reader.

8 Best Google Reader Alternatives apps


Feedly is one of the best Google Reader Alternatives apps out there which you should use. You can get started with Feedly by linking your Google account with it.

Once you have linked your account you will be asked to add 5 websites from where you want to read your daily documents. Even if you want to search using hashtags you can search websites very easily.

For Example if I want to find websites that are related to tech I will add #Tech and a list of websites will be shown which are related to tech.

Once you have added the websites you are ready to read your latest news. Go to “My Feedly” at the top right and you will see the list of websites that you have added.

Click on any of these websites and you will get the latest news every day. You can share any article on social networking websites and if by any chance you didn’t like any article you can remove it from your list.  – Feedly

The Old Reader

The Old Reader, a Popular Social RSS Feed reader and alternative to Google Reader.

You can easily access or create a new account with The Old Reader by login to your Facebook or Google Account or you can simply register for a new account.

With this software users can browse the latest content as well as popular content available on the internet and can also have a look at what your friends shared.

You can share your news, comments on your Facebook timeline also with the help of The Old Reader. – The Old Reader


NewsBlur is a multiplatform personal newsreader. With NewsBlur, Users can view real-time RSS feeds updates and get all your favorites stories delivered to your account.

So if any new news is published on your favorite site you will be able to see it as soon as it is published.

Get the best viewing experience as you will see the website in the original resolution without missing any frames and pictures. You can also share your favorite stories with your friends.

Also easy add comments and start discussions about any particular story with your friends.

If you liked any particular story you can select it by using different tags and on the other hand if you didn’t like any story you can highlight it too. – NewsBlur


The next Alternatives apps for Google Reader is a Netvibes. There are different versions available for an agency or enterprise or a normal person.

If you are using Netvibes for Agency you will get a unique dashboard and you can use Netvibes as the best social tool for your clients.

If you are having a big company you can try Netvibes for Enterprise. You can automate your documents very easily which will save you a lot of time.

If you are a normal user you can use the free version of Netvibes where you will get a personalized dashboard and you can pin all your favorite stories, images, and tweets. – Netvibes


One of the best News readers and perfect alternative app for Google Reader for mobile phones and tablets is Pulse. Get all your favorite and latest news feeds in a magazine-style format with Pulse News Reader.

Choose from a variety of categories as per your choice. If you have found an interesting story and want to read it later you can star it and read it later.

You can also send your favorite stories to your Evernote or Pocket accounts. If you want to publish any information on Pulse you can become a publisher and start providing useful information to all your subscribers.  – Pulse Newsreader


The best application which is out there for smartphones and tablets is Flipboard. Flipboard is a preloaded Newsreader in most of the smartphones that are coming now.

Choose from a variety of different magazines available. Get updated daily about the latest news and information. Liked any particular article?

You can save it to read it in the future and also share it on several social networking websites. – Flipboard

Digg Reader

Use your Facebook or Google Account to access Digg Reader. You can search for any particular URL or you can also browse different categories.

Select from a wide range of available categories and add them. You will get all the digs of that category starting from old to new.

If you loved any post you can like it by clicking on the Thumbs Up button and can also bookmark it for reading it in the future.

You can also share any story using social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Check out the popular posts from the categories you have chosen.

You can also learn several Keyboard shortcuts which will help you in using the reader more efficiently. – Digg Reader

AOL Reader

The last alternative apps for Google Reader which makes our list is the AOL Reader. You can use AOL Reader on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Use your Twitter and Facebook account for logging in and reading the latest news. Star all your favorite articles and tag them in particular categories so that they can be organized more efficiently.

If you are having your subscriptions in any other reader you can easily import them to AOL Reader with just a click. You can develop your own Windows and mobile applications with the help of API.

AOL Reader is soon going to get a new update and will bring you new features like Native Android and iOS App, sharing your stories with your other AOL friends, Notifications, and the search function. – AOL Reader

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