7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives to Crush Email Marketing

MailChimp is an email marketing service that was found in the year 2001. Basically what MailChimp does is that it designs and sends your marketing emails to other people on the internet.


Due to its usability and high rate of customer satisfaction, it has managed to build a network of multi-million users across the world.

It is very useful as well as a light-hearted web application which is very beneficial for people looking for email marketing service providers.

However, there are few alternatives to MailChimp as well. These alternatives not only function like MailChimp but rather they may also have some added features and usability.

7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Get Response – Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Get Response is one of the easiest and user- friendly email marketing service providers in the world. It is capable of creating amazing newsletters as well as landing pages.

The best part is that it is very fast and takes just a couple of minutes to design these. This service runs research campaigns and targets the set of audience for which your product or service will work the best.

It also tests, analyses as well as looks for elements that are capable of delivering the most appropriate message to your clients. Apart from this, there is provision for time- based and action-based messages as well.

These messages can be in the form of birthday reminders, follow-ups, offers, questionnaires, etc.. The unlimited email options and creativity that this service comes with is definitely going to turn your visions and thoughts into reality.

Landing pages can also be created with the help of this service. This is done with the help of the Landing Page Creator which creates and publishes your landing page promos in just a few minutes. – GetResponse

AWeber – Mailchimp Alternatives

This particular email marketing service provider helps you in making the most of your time. Now, you can spend less time on marketing and more time on the growth of your business.

Some features of this service are automated reminders, follow-ups, and quick designing tools.

AWeber helps in redirecting your business newsletter to the exact place where it needs to go. This means that your target audience is sure to get your newsletter.

AWeber also helps you in collecting the right set of customers and subscribers for your service. There are around 200 inbuilt templates that can be used instantly for creating attractive emails.

You can also turn your latest blog posts into a personalized newsletter with the help of the RSS tool provided by this service.

Also, you can deliver a number of emails automatically. Moreover, you can create newsletters for your business enterprise and send them straightway to your target audience or schedule them to be sent at some other time in the future. – AWeber

iContact – Mailchimp Alternatives

iContact has the right set of templates that can set your business on the right path. There are numerous inbuilt templates and ideas that can help you in creating more impulsive and convincing newsletters for your business.

Once you make use of these templates, you are definitely going to leave an impression on your target audience. In case you have no experience in designing a message, this email service provider will guide you in it.

The easy- to- use message creation tool helps you in designing beautiful emails in just a few minutes. If you have experience in HTML coding, you have the added advantage of using some HTML code from these inbuilt templates to create your own design.

Apart from this, this service makes sure that your emails are reaching the right set of audiences as well. – iContact

Campaign Monitor – Mailchimp Alternatives

Campaign Monitor helps you in creating meaningful templates. You can choose from a wide range of logos, layouts, and colors.

Each of these templates looks great on mobile devices as well and is specifically built to support and look good on each and every client’s desktop.

Also, the editor makes it easy for you to enter text, links, images, or other social media content into these templates.

In case you love to design, you can import your own CSS or screenshots into these templates and give it a more personalized touch. You can also make quick changes to your email code by simply highlighting the texts or syntax. – Campaign Monitor

Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is known for helping small businesses to reach new heights. You can create professional emails and newsletters with the help of drag and drop editing provided by this service.

If you are no having many influential contacts on your list, this email marketing service provider will take care of that as well. It will help in growing your list and also manages them in the long run.

This also helps in expanding your business and building more social media relations. An additional feature of this service is that it allows you to track your performance and success.

It gives real-time reports so that you can monitor your success and get ready for the new big move. – Constant Contact

Mad Mimi 

Mad Mimi provides the easiest and most effective way of creating, designing, sharing, and sending emails and newsletters on the internet.

It is a very simple service that can be used by both professionals as well as amateurs. Mad Mimi offers easy integrations. This means that reaching out to your target audience is now simpler than ever before.

Also, there are numerous designs, web forms, templates, themes, etc.. which help in creating more influential emails and newsletters for your business.

It makes sure that your email reaches the customer’s inbox and also tracks your rate of success. – Mad Mimi

Campaigner – Mailchimp Alternatives

This service assists you from the beginning to the end of your campaign program. It is designed in a way to regulate and segment the customer list so that specific emails are sent to customers with high ROI i.e. higher Rate of Interest.

Automated emails and newsletters can also be sent for ensuring a higher rate of engagement from all customers. Responsive follow-ups are also a part of this email marketing service provider.

Campaigner also follows the flow of work and helps in tracking your performance from time to time. – Campaigner

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