11 Useful Online Word Processors

Online Word Processors is a web application that allows you to create, edit, and print documents directly. There are several free and valuable online word processors available on the web. These may not replace installed software for most of us, but they can be interesting to experiment with the installed software. Here are the 11 useful Online Word Processors that I find most interesting and or most useful.

11 Useful Online Word Processors

Adobe Buzzword – online word processor

Adobe Buzzword is a proven and robust online word processor that allows users to create and collaborate on text documents online. It’s an ideal online solution for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you want to access online or work on with others. Anyone can access the most recent version of a document, share suggestions, and reply to another comment from any computer. Built on the Adobe Flash Platform, Buzzword looks and behaves like desktop software, but it indeed operates inside a web browser. There isn’t any setup required, so getting started is free and straightforward.


  1. Word 2003 XML files.
  2. Open Document Text files.
  3. Plain Text files and Rich text Format files to easily import.
  4. Export to the multiple file format – PDF files, Word files, Open documents text files, EPUB files, zipped files, Rich text file formats, and plain text files.

Visit: Adobe Buzzword

ThinkFree – next-generation online word processor

ThinkFree is a new generation online word processor for the platform free use, anytime, anywhere computing. Its usability reaches beyond PCs and is perfect for net-based devices, including thin client and mobile computing platforms. It reads and writes to Microsoft Office file formats (.doc, .xls, and .ppt) and has a look and feel similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, providing a degree of familiarity to new users.


  1. A Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Presentation tools
  2. A WYSIWYG HTML and blog editor
  3. Built for Cross-Platform Functionality
  4. Thinkfree Office is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux systems.

Visit: ThinkFree

Writely – collaborative online Word Processor

Writely is a Google Owned online word processor that allows you to create, edit documents from anywhere at any time. Share your documents and collaborate in real-time with other people like coworkers, assignment partners, etc. You can decide who can access your documents and edit them. All your open forms are saved securely online and take backed-up every 10 seconds. It also helps you to track who and when the edited document and what changes have taken. Users can also roll back from the current to the previous versions. But now, Writely is a part of Google Docs.

Visit: Writely

EtherPad – Online Real-time Collaborative Editor

EtherPad is an online collaborative editor that allows multiple users to edit documents together. You can track all member edits in real-time, with the ability to perform each writer’s text in their color. When many people edit the same document together, all changes are displayed on everyone’s screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.

Visit: EtherPad

WriteOnline – new writing tool for schools and colleges

WriteOnline is an innovative new writing tool for schools and colleges. Word prediction, great quality speech, and the unique Wordbar help students of all backgrounds to reach their full potential. Provide support for a much useful range of integrated writing features. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, just by logging in online.

Visit: WriteOnline

picoWrite – Web-based word processor

picoWrite is a web-based word processor.


  1. Layout engine for pixel-accurate rendering and printing
  2. What you see is what you get ( WYSIWYG) experience
  3. provide MS Office like page layouts
  4. simple to the embedding of spreadsheets in text documents
  5. The multi-column text layout
  6. Footnotes
  7. tables and images
  8. Undo/Redo functionality
  9. Zooming
  10. Support for Online/Offline functionality
  11. Component-based word processors
  12. Bidirectional text support
  13. Realtime online collaboration
  14. P2P feature for serverless collaboration support

Visit: picoWrite

iNetword – Fully functional online word processor

iNetWord is a fully functional online word processor. It has all the capabilities you would expect from any word processor. Create any document using point-level formatting, indents, margins, backgrounds, borders, choice of bullets, numbering, spell check, pictures, and more.


  1. The ability to track changes
  2. View highlighted changes others made
  3. Shared folders
  4. Documents
  5. Pictures with others

Visit : iNetWord

ZCubes online word processor

ZCubes is a web-based word processor where you can seamlessly create web pages for browse, make drawings, paintings, documents, and spreadsheets, all on the web, without having to switch between different applications. It’s an Omni-functional web platform where users can browse while creating a document or clipart. Document editing is easy and different in ZCubes with its cool Drag-and-Drop features.

Visit: ZCubes

Nevrocode Docs

Nevrocode Docs is a powerful yet easy-to-use, free desktop and online word processor offered by Nevrocode. Users can create and edit rich content documents online. It also combines two different apps, one is Web-based, and another one is a desktop app, which merged into a single product. It uses a desktop user interface that provides speed and a user-friendly interface, and a dedicated web-service that saves Nevrocode servers’ documents.

Visit: Nevrocode Docs

Docly word processing tool

Docly is a Self- publishing engine for authors that allow you to write, publish, share, and sell your documents online! Brought to you by the Copyright 2.0 geeks from Numly, Docly will enable you to create, tag, and publish your textual works online.

Visit: Docly

ZOHO writer

ZOHO writer is an online Word Processor that allows you to create, edit, and share documents quickly. You can easily import your existing Microsoft Word or OpenOffice documents and start editing using an impressive WYSIWYG editor. It saves multiple versions of your paper and generates PDF, HTML, and DOC files from it.

Visit: Zoho writer

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  1. Pawel

    iNetWord isn’t fully functional as advertized: it doesn’t run on a lot of popular browsers, and it doesn’t run on Firefox 6 (despite what they say on the site). At least not on Linux.

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