Zenbe List – Simple To-do list for iPhone/ipad

With the aid of Zenbe Lists users are free to manage and collaborate to do list quite easily. This is even possible to do with any mobile service.

Zenbe List To-do list for iPhone/ipad

Many simple and easy to use tools are provided by this application that assists users in the generation of simple list. Even all the tasks are easily managed with the help of this application.

Zenbe Lists works perfectly in any situation provided to it due to its extended flexibility that ranges from the generation of family grocery lists to the effective management of the team who is doing the project.

In this application the user is absolutely free to add the due dates, select the priority of the items as well as they can even choose the options for custom sorting.

The sharing of the Zenbe List is enabled via iPad or iPhone for accessing through mobile. A collaborator can be invited by the creator of the list via an email or by embedding the list on their respective website.

Phone features are also included in the Zenbe Lists that helps the user to tap a phone number or even an address very quickly that enables the user to make an urgent call.

Zenbe Company developed the Zenbe Lists and it is New York City based and the founders of Zenbe Company were Robert Kieffer, Tom Alison, Peter Stern and Alan Chung.

A very versatile and effective tool for to do list management is provided by this that may tactfully handles any situation.

The originality of the to do list is pretty difficult to identify as several other products are already launched in the market that provides the same functionalities.

The way in which the tasks are approached by this application marks the uniqueness of this application. A neat and clean set of tools are provided by Zenbe Lists along-with a very clean interface that works perfectly in almost any situation provided to it.

The situations in which this application works perfectly includes the organization of project teams in a workspace provided for the professionals to small groups or even individuals working at home or any personal task done elsewhere.

The application also provides helpful collaboration tools that make it easy to keep everyone on the same page. The homepage of Zenbe Lists is very pleasant and appealing contains light colors that are soothing.

Features of Zenbe List

  1. Collaborate on a project.
  2. To do lists are easily created that are either privately shared or embedded on websites.
  3. Priority levels can be assigned for each and every item on a to do list according to your requirements.
  4. Due dates can be scheduled for tasks.

Collaboration on basic lists is the main aim of the users of Zenbe Lists. IPhone, iPod or iPad users are thoroughly benefitted through the use of this application.

Download : Zenbe List


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