Yojimbo for Mac – Information organizer for Mac OS X

Yojimbo is a Mac software that acts as an efficient information organizer. It works to store any amount of information that is being accumulated daily in a systematic and handy way.

Yojimbo for Mac - Information organizer for Mac OS X

Yojimbo is characterized by some really useful features that might be quite interesting to you. You might be wondering how you can obtain Yojimbo.

The Mac publicity for yojimbo claims that it will transform your life without affecting your way of work. You can acquire Yojimbo only by downloading it.

This article might help you know better about your yojimbo and hence help you decide whether you need it or not.

Yojimbo actually serves as an organizer that makes it easier for you to keep track of even the most trivial information distributed all through your Mac.

Yojimbo has a very usable and effortless working method that has a well defined collection, storage and information exploration capability.

Yojimbo is an application developed for Mac and it is designed to accept most of the normal day applications you need to follow.

It supports PDF documents, bookmarks, numbering of certain information, photos, texts and web records too. To add in all these you just need to simply drag, copy, import or even print.

Feeding in data and extracting it out of yojimbo is an easy task. It is a very user friendly device. There are no curves for learning this application. Hence, the number of yojimbo users is quite high.

Features of Yojimbo

Yojimbo is promoted as a user friendly MAC application to organize your work approach more. It is characterized by few attractive features. Before you decide to go for Yojimbo go through these following features:

  1. Its installation, learning and usage techniques are claimed to be a completely unproblematic process.
  2. It is supposed to have “Low Friction”. It does not interrupt into your working pace.
  3. Its storage capacity is commendable as it can store any sort and amount of information.
  4. It organizes and maintains your required information on anything in an orderly manner.
  5. You can use yojimbo from any of your Macs or use Mobile Me or add data from Mac into your iPad.
  6. You will be provided with the facility of instantaneous point up search of all your contents in yojimbo.
  7. Yojimbo is a dependable and safe application, after all core Mac OS X techniques have been used to create yojimbo.

Now, you must be thinking of the price you will have to pay for it. Yojiimbo includes three types of licenses for making a purchase.

These three are Individual, Family and Educational licenses. Before you buy or download Yojimbo you will need to agree to license terms regarding it. The criterion for each license differs from one another.

Be careful to go through every detail mentioned in the license agreement and the features and feedbacks on the application before you opt for it.

Download : Yojimbo for Mac


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