Weightbot – weight tracking app for iPhone

Weightbot is a very simple yet functional weight managing application which presents various analytical data related to the user’s weight. The users can set a weight managing goal and can watch the progress over a period of time. Imagine that you had a personal fitness instructor who could advice you about proper weight managing and track the progress. Weighbot is assigned exactly for that work.


The application keeps the health-conscious people focused and help in managing their weight conveniently. Unlike other weight managing applications, weightbot is a user-friendly application where users can easily set their desired goals and can track the progress in weight managing over a period of time.

The users can feed the desired data and displays the results in attractive animations, graphics and sound. Whenever the user tries to gain or lose weight, the weight managing application helps him/her in fulfilling the aim. Users can set a weight goal, a goal starting date and can enter the daily weight to it to track your fitness level.

The application produces the result in various forms, like displaying BMI, the exact date when the user will reach the goal, etc. The users can watch their weight managing progress with three graphs showing the current progress in weight managing goals. However, users can also customize their own graph according to their preference by using the provided tools. Users can view the progress for a span of at least a week to the maximum of one month.

Features of Weightbot

  1. Easy to use application- As the application is designed for the weight conscious people, it is kept simple. Users can easily navigate through the application to set their own features. With a single tap of button, users can feed their daily weight to check their BMI or goal finishing date.
  2. Shows results in sound, graphics and animations- Weightbot is a very interesting weight managing application that takes in the daily feed and displays the result in sound, graphics and animations.
  3. Goal setting feature- Weight managing is a continuous process, and the application-developers understand that. So, Weightbot has an option where users can set their goal and in turn, the application displays the exact day and date when the user can fulfill his/her goal. Moreover, the daily weight can also be shown in the form of BMI. Users can check their BMI rising or falling into the safe zone by the BMI meter.
  4. Graph display feature- The application deals with three graphs showing the current weight goals and the achievement of the user. The graph displays the progress in weight managing within a time span of at least a week to a month or a year even. Users can also customize the options and displays according to their need and preference.
  5. Progress divided in quarters- By rotating anticlockwise the device, users can get the progress displayed in quarters. This helps the users to analyze the data easily.
  6. Protecting Data- If the users are tracking the weight data for years, it is important to keep the data protected. The application consists of a free backup system that helps the user to protect data over years.

The application is a must for the weight conscious people who want to manage and track their weight over a span of time. The application helps in keeping the users motivated by displaying the results in animation and sounds.

Download : Weightbot weight tracking app for iPhone


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