WebsitePainter for Mac – website creator and HTML editor for Mac

If you love making your own web pages for various activities or for some work but you are not so confident with the HTML programming, you wouldn’t find better software than WebsitePainter.

WebsitePainter is an easy to use, simple web editor to make more user friendly, professionally designed websites without having a lot of knowledge about script programming or HTML.

websitepainter html editor

With this HTML editor, User can create modern Web 2.0 based web pages which include elements like Web2.0 buttons , round borders, transparency, gradients, continuous texts and many more.

Also included variety of templates in the WebsitePainter makes it possible to create web pages with just a few clicks! The software also supports most of the web standard options like CSS, ASP, PHP and the general HTML.

As stated, WebsitePainter in possibly the most user-friendly web page maker available today. The steps are so easy that just some basic concept about HTML programming and a few clicks is all you need to get your new, fully functional Web standard compliant website.

Working with this software is like a ‘child’s play’. The process includes choosing the most appropriate template for the page you are about to create and then edit it accordingly.

And the best part is, writing of the codes for most of the elements of your page is not required, regardless of the template you choose.

The list of templates available is as follows: Empty Page, Sidebar Black, Pink Cats, Company Modern, Company Business, Company Bright, Nature Slideshow, Houses Background, Green Frog, Simple Newsletter and Brown Stretched.

Features of WebsitePainter

  1. Create PHP, ASP or HTML based pages – A good thing about WebsitePainter is that is not limited to making HTML pages only. It can also be used to create ASP, PHP and other types. Simple as it gets, just set the extension you want and leave the rest to WebsitePainter. Also, with the HTML-Code element, there is an option to directly edit your ASP, PHP or the other codes present in WebsitePainter.
  2. Create professional web pages – WebsitePainter is a Web Editor that allows you to create Websites that look pretty professional, that too, without the knowledge of HTML programming.
  3. Dynamic as well as Absolute Sized Layouts – Unlike other general website editors that support only absolute layout of websites, with WebsitePainter you are also able to create dynamically sized elements.
  4. Modern and Pro websites with a couple clicks – Web 2.0 Buttons ,hover effects, round borders, transparency, gradients, continuous texts and more with a few simple clicks in WebsitePainter, lets you create all the style and quality you need for the professional modern websites. Editing of HTML and CSS styles or endless boring drawing of images are no more required.
  5. Unicode – WebsitePainter is a Unicode application, making it possible to create your Websites in any language you prefer including German, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or just the general English.
  6. Complete Control on generated HTML code : User can easily edit HTML Code generated by WebsitePainter. Simply right-click on any element and select the menu ‘HTML Code’. Here you can view the all html generated by WebsitePainter, or even you can easily insert your Own html attributes, JavaScript handlers and more, if you want to.

The professional looks and the modern facilities are quite an attraction. Download and make your own website today!

Download : WebsitePainter – Html Editor for Mac


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