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Vitamin-R is a Personal productivity Tool for Mac that help you to breakup large, vaguely defined tasks into series of small time slices with specific and easily reachable objectives to get you started and keep you going.


You would be greatly benefitted if your goals are defined, specific and is dedicated; then you can easily fulfill your goals with the aid of this application without any distractions.

You have to clearly define the demand of yours goal before starting your work with Vitamin-R and it must be done within a given span of time.

The applications such as the Safari or Mail can be closed to prevent distractions from your work and also to keep your focus.

However, you are permitted to open some of the programs during the time span in which you are working on the task of yours. Then also you can easily work.

A small timer is being displayed by the Vitamin-R in the form of a menu item that indicates several processes that is used to provide a warning signal to you in case if you are very near to completion of your task.

You can even rate your focus during the course of the time provided to you and then at that juncture of time all the in formations are automatically saved in the productivity log that is completely personal.

You can easily continue as well as stop any task as per your requirement. Several other features are offered by Vitamin-R and that includes a scratch pad that provides new ideas for solving tasks without leaving tasks as well as a separate pad that keeps the ideas on the task that is recent made.

Optimal conditions are created by Vitamin-R explicitly for you and it also helps in providing a structure to your work by providing highly focused and distraction-free activity that alternates with opportunities for reflection, renewal and intuition.

The built-in statistics and task logging features provides an aura of positive momentum that increases productivity by increasing the rate of visible feedback on your achievements and progress.

Features of Vitamin R

  1. Make time slices your work : The explicit facility of Vitamin-R is its ability to break down vague as well large tasks into small "time slices" in the form of series within a time span of 10 to 30 minutes, each with easily reachable, specific and actionable objectives.
  2. Get Started : The resistance provided by procrastination is successfully overcome with the aid of Vitamin-R by providing the method of positive feedback that helps you to move a step closer for fulfilling your aims.
  3. Find Your Rhythm : More awareness can be created by Vitamin-R through the provision of tools that assists you in finding out more time for completing your task. Any sort of work patterns that is unproductive can be easily eliminated with the provision of explicit provision of new knowledge by this application. Any pattern of work rhythm can be selected by you that suit you perfectly depending upon your need.
  4. Cloud Synching : Easy to Sync your time slice log across the cloud using the free Dropbox service. Setup is as easy as ticking a checkbox.

Thus, Vitamin R is a very powerful application that assists in the organization of un-productive tasks that is of no use. But, this application helps to keep your focus and fulfills all your short term goals if you work on them.

Download : Vitamin-R for Mac

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