Totara LMS – learning management platform for corporate sector

Totara lms provides the custom distribution of Moodle, thereby providing the world’s most trendy management platform for learning, for corporate sector. The management needs for learning of the busy enterprises is provided by Totara and also deliver the benefits of open source software.

Totara LMS

The management of open source software for learning and its benefits are brought out prominently by Totara and it is directly related to corporate enterprises.

Collaboration of three partners formed the Totara Company: Kineo, Flexible Learning Network and Catalyst IT. Lucrative solutions are provided to several corporate enterprises by this Totara for over many years.

Global enhancement for enhancing Moodle is the common goal of all the three mates for the purpose of leading to the platform of the open source that leads the other.

The experiences of those three partners are done for customizing Moodle, and it has been adapted by several corporate enterprises that include, Nikon, McDonald’s BP, Nike and Tesco. The Moodle for new Totara is provides an open source and is accessible on the basis of subscription that not only provides enhancements but also ongoing support.

Management costs related to learning can be reduced significantly by Totara. It also provides some of the Advanced management functionality related to learning.

Features of Totara LMS

  1. Flexibility : Totara is very cost-effective and this is one of the greatest benefits of Totara. It is very effective in economic times of today. It also provides a great flexibility for the organization of yours. Totara provides you the greatest thing in the world  – support for commercial grade, full flexibility and great value for your respective IT departments so that you can test, integrate, deploy the Totara as per the terms and conditions you prefer.
  2. Price : No fees is there for any individual license and Totara indeed provides an open-source. Totara offers robustness and several key features that can be your expectation any enterprise. Totara is very cost-effective and it is the best compared to all other LMSs as there is an extension of the Moodle open-source platform. It also provides the features of workplace learning and talent management.
  3. Efficient and Quick implementation : the eLearning Guild that was conducted in the year 2010, Moodle stood out to be the best satisfactory rating of 95%. The installation efficiency of Totara which is a Moodle distribution is same as this. Totara is extremely cost-effective and it also enables a pretty fast return on the invested amount.
  4. You can learn course and resources with great competency and also you can link your roles to that.
  5. Management hierarchy allows the managers to manage and review learning of their team.
  6. Plans for individual development to manage development and staff performance.
  7. Self-service and complete classroom management.
  8. Reporting in a sophisticated manner and the provision of a dashboard for the purpose of management reporting.
  9. Theme branding should be enhanced in-order to ensure that you are completely reflecting any brand.

Download : Totara LMS


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