Nov 21, 2011
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Real time Collaboration for MS Office document with oneDrum

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Real time Collaboration for MS Office document with oneDrum. OneDrum was developed as a collaborative business software for MS office document to simplify information and document difficulties.


OneDrum was developed as a collaborative business software for MS office document to simplify information and document difficulties.

Real time Collaboration for MS Office document - oneDrum

It produced to act in response to the requirements of contemporary information employees who should to have access and edit shared documents online in real time.

OneDrum has been formed to be a intuitive peer-to-peer desktop application and is inspired largely by requirement of a connected application which will lead to cost reduction and the resistance related to accurate teamwork.

It provide you Google Docs like functionality and support three major Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also allows you to work online with Microsoft office document , co-edit as well as share information in a highly secure environment .

OneDrum was created in 2008 in UK by a software advance company. OneDrum penetrated its initial personal beta at the beginning of 2011. It went on to inaugurate an open beta during the second part of 2011.

The software at present supports every version of Microsoft Office provided by a Windows setting. Mac designed for oneDrum will commence beta in fourth quarter of 2011.

File structure assimilation for Mac is supposed to appear by 2011, whereas assimilation with Mac Office is not likely to arrive before the opening half of 2012.

Prospective plans for oneDrum comprise of expansion of an application programming interface (API) as well as software development kit (SDK) which will enable users to convert any application according to the preference they are forming or raising to facilitate it to grow to be collaborative.

A first-rate, subscription oriented edition of oneDrum is dated to be released in February 2012, that will provide a range of added features such as support to the cloud as well as web admission to files.

Features of OneDrum

  1. OneDrum is effective in increasing the productivity of your business. Using its different useful documentation tools you can generate enhanced documents in real time. It makes your sharing options among co workers very simple, it keeps track of data alteration process and time of start and end and you can personally see every change made to your document while the workers are at it.
  2. Special alert system to keep you updated regarding any change or inclusion into your document. This is possible when you are online, offline or even as a history. This leads to faster and more effective group members.
  3. Using oneDrum’s exclusive chat bubbles you can exchange messages among your group in the document.
  4. OneDrum ensures that users are constantly provided with the most recent version of the file on their engine. They can also work on that very document right then being provided with immediate changes in real-time.
  5. You can save new documents within oneDrum folder(s) in “My Documents” either while using Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint functions or simply by drag and drop way. The files are available offline and it is not necessary for you to download the newest version of any file prior to working on it.

Download : oneDrum

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