Jun 11, 2013
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Top 13 online Form Building Apps (online form builder)

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Forms are the one of the most important part of the website to collect information, feedback and other views from visitor. it may be contact forms, online survey form, order form or invitations.


Forms are the one of the most important part of the website to collect information, feedback and other views from visitor such as contact forms, online survey forms, order forms or invitations. if you are programmer or have some knowledge about coding language then you can easily create HTML forms, save collected forms data  to databases, create admin page to manage forms data made easy for you. but it’s very difficult task for non technical user to create and manage HTML forms and their data. That why here is a Top 13 online Form Building Apps for non technical user.

  1. Wufoo form building Apps

    wufoo Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Wufoo is a online form builder that allow anyone to build amazing online forms. When you build online forms with Wufoo, it automatically build the database backend, scripts and everything which required to create simple HTML forms, contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and payments from your visitors without writing a single line of code. User can build up to 3 online forms for free after that you need to buy subscription plan. Currently there is 4 subscription plan and lowest plan is a per month. – Wufoo Online Form Builder

  2. Jotform Form Builder

    JotForm Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Jotform is a free web-based WYSIWYG form Builder. User can accept up-to 100 submission per month with basic usage. it has easy to use Drag and Drop based user interface makes form building more simple and easy. User can embed created Jotform to their website or blogs and receive responses via email. Currently Jotform provide for Contact Form, Document Uploader, Job Application Form, Reservation Form, Blog Contact/Survey, Satisfaction Survey, RSVP for a Party or Wedding, Event Calendar, Time Sheet, Bug tracker etc.. – Jotform form builder

  3. Email Me Form – free HTML form

    Email Me Form Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Email Me Form is a free online form generator that allow anyone to create HTML forms, Web form or PHP form for a website without writing a single line of code. With Email Me Form, user can design variety of online forms such as surveys, contact forms, and lead generation forms etc.. A CAPTCHA image verification, IP address limits, and Keyword Blocking make your online forms 100% Spam free. – Email Me Form

  4. Formstack web form creator

    Formstack web form creator Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Formstack is an easy to use and simple to understand online form builder that allow webmaster to create any type of online form, including surveys, contact forms, event registrations, order forms, and much more without using any programming, software, or special skills. it has Drag and Drop based form builder to instantly build online forms right within your browser. With highly customizable and brand able form templates, user can personalize their forms as per their requirements. features included HTML form Builder, Conditional Logic, Secure Data Collections, Mobile friendly Forms, Form analytics, Smart data Routing, Email notifications, easy to export form data in Excel or Word formats, CRM integrations, Support for Email marketing, CMS’s  & Social Media integrations. – Formstack online Form Builder

  5. Formsite

    Formsite Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Formsite is a web-based application that enable non-technical user to create professional online forms and Surveys without having any HTML or coding experience. Formsite have more than 100 pre-built ready to use online forms which you can use for registrations, reservations, secure orders, customer surveys and payment collection. features included Drag and drop form editor, ready to use set of 40 question types, create any types of forms and Surveys, email, analyze, share, and easy to download your form data. – FormSite online forms and surveys

  6. PandaForm

    pandaform Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    PandaForm is a simple form building service to create online forms via a simple Drag and drop user interface. Create and customize many forms for business such as order forms, customer surveys, meeting notes etc.. it has simple customer relationship management module where you can track customer forms submissions and store them for future use. features included Simple database to manage and store your data, create new forms or edit existing one, review updates, save search results, define work process, publish forms online, Collect credit card payment, export and import forms data to Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or to other forms, Easy to share with clients, embed your form to your Facebook fan page, custom formulas and many more. – PandaForm

  7. HTMLform.com

    HTMLform Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    HTMLform.com make easy to create HTML Forms & Surveys for Your Website. User can create HTML/AJAX/PHP downloadable forms without programming or configuring the software to work. no need to set up databases, All part included in your Zip file are highly configured and well interconnected with each other. – HTMLform.com

  8. Contactify

    Contactify Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Contactify is a web based application that allow your user to contact you online without revealing your email address. it give you a short contactify URL where your visitor can submit their information to your private contact form for free. it means you get less chance of spam and less chance of having to reveal your email address.  – Contactify

  9. Cloud Contact Forms

    Cloud Contact Forms Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Cloud Contact Forms help you to create free contact forms as well as feedback forms in 1 single click without using any programming or HTML coding knowledge. user can use them on any blog, website, CMS or individual web pages. features included free contact forms, Captcha secured Spam free contact forms, Custom Colors and styles, user friendly forms, support for multiple user, all data stored online so you find or export each and every old forms, Email marketing, Email-like control panel for all your submissions: read, reply, send mass mail, view reports and much more, real time reporting etc.. – cloud contact forms

  10. Lanbito mobile friendly forms

    Lanbito mobile friendly forms Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Lanbito is a online form builder that allow you to create mobile friendly customizable forms which exactly look and feel native on iPhone, iPad, even Mac and PC. Lanbito provide 12 different beautiful themes and use Google spreadsheet to save your Form data, so you can easily and secularly access them at any time from anywhere. – Lanbito Mobile Form Builder

  11. Machform

    Machform Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Machform is a Self hosted PHP based web form builder that help you to create beautiful and elegant forms on the web. it has 20+ ready to use beautiful theme , along with the intuitive Drag and drop Visual Theme Editor, allowing you to create countless designs without using any coding knowledge. User can also easily integrated a popular PayPal payment gateway with MachForm to create online order forms and accept payments. features included Drag and Drop form builder, Visual theme editor, PayPal Integration, Multi page forms, Instant Email notifications, Easy to Embed, Save and Resume Later, Advanced Multiple file uploads, No recurring fees, Strong Spam Protection with Image and Text CAPTCHA, Review Page, Secure forms with HTTPS and create password-protected forms, Multilingual Forms, Printer friendly forms etc.. – MachForm

  12. Form2Go

    form2go Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    Form2Go is a most advanced yet easy to use multilingual form builder to create professional online html forms and web surveys. Webmaster can use Form2Go forms as registrations, surveys, securing orders and for payment collection. No programming knowledge are required to create online forms such as multiple page forms, Credit card forms, PayPal forms and more. – form2go

  13. FormSmarts

    FormSmarts Top 13 online Form Building Apps

    FormSmarts is a cloud based online form builder and web form platform to create unlimited number of web forms without having knowledge about HTML language. it’s a perfect online form builder for businesses, institutions, web professionals and individual power users to outsource a critical component of their website to us at commodity cost, while boosting their web productivity. – FormSmarts

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