Jul 3, 2014
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5 Best Kickstarter Alternatives

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Best Kickstarter Alternatives Apps. Kickstarter is one of the most anticipated art funding platforms in the world. Kickstarter works with the sole aim of funding art projects so as to bring them into life.


Looking for Kickstarter Alternatives Apps. Kickstarter is one of the most anticipated art funding platforms in the world. Kickstarter works with the sole aim of funding art projects to bring them into life.

Creative projects such as films, comics, music, stage shows, video games, applications, journalism, food related projects, etc have been greatly funded by this.

Kickstarter Alternatives Apps

There are millions of projects in this world which will not have seen the daylight unless Kickstarter was there. However, there are a few alternatives to this platform. Here is a 6 Best Kickstarter Alternatives Apps.

Best Kickstarter Alternatives

  1. Indiegogo

    Indiegogo assists you in funding anything as well as everything that matters to you. All you need to do is simply decide on the type of project as well as campaign you want to get funded. The rest will be taken care of by this amazing funding platform. This platform helps you in funding the extraordinary projects or ideas you are working on. The Indiegogo team has the passion to work with you and for you. The great networks of this platform will help you in funding for your project through the traditional channels of funding. – Indiegogo

  2. RocketHub

    RocketHub is a crown funding movement which helps you in raising funds for your projects. Using this platform, you can launch your projects or ideas before the world. The knowledge and tools that this platform provides is definitely worth experiencing. RocketHub helps in empowering ideas and projects from every corner of the world. Films, documentaries, games, applications, food recipes, music, etc anything can be funded under this platform. This means that people belonging to all walks of life such as musicians, entrepreneurs, photographers, game developers, film makers, philanthropists, producers, directors, fashion designers, writers, etc can gain a lot from ROCKETHUB. Apart from just raising funds, this crown platform can also be used for spreading awareness. – RocketHub

  3. Lucky Ant

    Lucky Ant is the perfect crowdfunding platform for all kinds of small businesses. it help local retailers to fund projects with help from customers. This platform in particular helps the small businesses in earning huge success and hence maintains a steady set of satisfied customers. Basically, Lucky Ant is most beneficial for the local retailers. This is due to the reason that local retailers can raise funds with the help from their trusted as well as regular customers. For people who want to keep certain stores or retailers open in their neighborhood, this is a very useful funding platform which helps in raising funds by not just buying their products. MoolaHoop recently acquires New York-based small business crowdfunding site Lucky Ant . – Lucky Ant

  4. Quirky

    This crown funding platform has its head quarter in New York. Quirky helps in bringing finished products to the market place. This is done on the basis of the interaction between the product design staff of Quirky and the online global community of shoppers and buyers. All you need to do is share your idea with the team of Quirky and sit back to witness the magic. – Quirky

  5. Peoplefund.it

    Peoplefundit is part of one of the leading online funding networks of the world. All projects, no matter what their size is, are funded under this crown platform. Its working is based on an “All or Nothing” method of funding for both small as well as large projects. In this, projects are uploaded with a small description, a short video and list of rewards, if any. – Peoplefund.it

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