Nov 3, 2011
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jackbe Presto – Real-Time business Intelligence Solution

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jackbe Presto – Real-Time business Intelligence Solution. jackbe Presto real-time business intelligence solution is an application that is meant for instant response using latest updated information.


jackbe Presto real-time business intelligence solution is an application that is meant for instant response using latest updated information.

jackbe - Real-Time business Intelligence Solution

Given the fast pace of development that the business world is adopting your organization too needs to buck up to be on the reckoning.

It has to depend on some intelligence tool that helps you make instant and accurate decisions based on current state of affairs.

The old decision support tools were formulated mainly for complex data structure procedures and they proved to be useful too.

But these infrastructural systems lack the ability to maintain the continuous speed and change in information pattern that is dominating the present economic world.

JackBe created Real-time intelligence support system “Presto” to fulfil the spontaneous needs of your business organization.

The degree of variance prevalent in the information field currently needs a futuristic support tool that can solve your current business issues.

Real-time intelligence is the most appropriate answer to your business activity problems. Almost every organization that is a part of the commercial fraternity needs real-time business intelligence for nimble response with accurate information.

Irrespective of company size or type, need for real-time business intelligence is growing by the day. Real-time business intelligence provides you with faster resource and information gathering and thus much faster decision making.

JackBe’s Presto provides you with the scope to accumulate real-time solutions within a very short time interval for your business decisions.

Features of JackBe

JackBe Real-Time solutions provide very useful and effective features that develop your trade relations and take your organization to a much higher level. These features include:

  1. Real-Time intelligence authorizes your business with spontaneous and insightful visual implements that stimulate assembling of required information within hours or may be days. This faster process implies faster assessment abilities.
  2. Your information resources will be vast using real-time intelligence. It will gather your required information from any information basis and will deliver it to you anywhere you want. Since it deals with the current information your business transactions and decisions will be more specific and up to the mark.
  3. You can obtain live information by JackBe’s real-time intelligence acquired from the copyrighted original sources unlike the unreliable open source downloads. More updated the data is more efficient will be the decisions taken.
  4. The reliable and accurate information provided by real-time solutions lead to successful judgmental capacity of your organization. Such decisions lead to flourishing results for your company and you reap better returns. Thus your business grows more and more with success. It gives your company an edge over your contemporaries.
  5. You have the option to try out JackBe real-time solutions. You can download a trial pack and then take the decision whether to use it as your business support solution or not.
  6. JackBe Presto portable applications make it possible to deliver any information to you at a faster pace and at a place where you want.

So, if you are looking for better and smarter dealing opportunities then JackBe Real-Time Intelligence solutions might just be your way out.

Download : jackbe – Real-Time business Intelligence

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