Dec 7, 2011

Instantmeeting – Easy web conferencing by using mobile phones or outlook

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Instantmeeting is a web based application. It has been introduced to be used as a meeting tool using your mobile phones or outlook.

Instantmeeting is a web based application. It has been introduced to be used as a meeting tool using your mobile phones or outlook.


It acts as a business support application that allows you to connect through conference calls and maintains your essential business details for meetings in a systematic manner.

Instantmeeting keeps a well organized calendar for your conference calls related to your business dealings. Call reminders are available to keep track of your important conference schedules.

Thus using instant meeting conference tools your working procedure becomes simpler and effective. It can save accurate and up to date call timings of every conference call or customer meetings.

It keeps account of the number of calls you are attending to, the current ongoing meeting, call start and end time, the service provider of the conference and conference scheduler.

Using Instantmeeting you can inform call participants regarding any delay in your joining through the notify options made available to you.

Instantmeeting is a suitable phone based application that is handy for the working professionals of today.

Its utility features are optimum to support your dealing methods and keep you in constant touch with your project Members and updates. These features of Instantmeeting are:

Features of Instantmeeting

  1. Due to its organizing abilities Instantmeeting keeps the right and accurate track of every meeting and conference call you need to attend. Thus, Instantmeeting involuntarily categorizes conference calls within your schedule and makes out the prominent details i.e. time of call, the required phone number, the unique dial-in code and more.
  2. With its prompt service Instantmeeting helps you connect with your clients in real-time. InstantMeeting joins you to your meeting calls or informs your participating colleagues regarding your presence or delay through notifications. You can do all these activities only by a single touch on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Outlook.
  3. InstantMeeting gives you the scope to set alert and notification times as per your convenience. Thus, the probability of you being late for your meetings or conference calls is minimized to a great extent.
  4. In the InstantMeeting set up there is a reminder dialogue that keeps all your meeting details and you can make a call straight from the specific call reminder only or you might just close the dialogue without making a call even.
  5. Its systematic handling of call details and meeting archives help you avoid any kind of confusion in retrieving trivial info regarding any call. Hence, it helps you to maintain a disciplined work approach and using InstantMeeting takes off quite a burden from your head by saving all the important numbers of your clients and related issues for future reference.
  6. To make a conference call using InstantMeeting all you have to do is put in the client number, access code and then touch the dialing format as conference.
  7. You can decide upon the time for notification alert for your clients to view through InstantMeeting. Thus, the access control depends on you.

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