Nov 5, 2011
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Co-ment – Text annotation and collaborative online word processor

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Co-ment – Text annotation and collaborative online word processor. Co-ment is a web based text annotation and collaborative writing tool subjected to comments and observations.


Co-ment is a web based text annotation and collaborative writing tool subjected to comments and observations.

Co-ment Text annotation tool

if you want to create and develop online texts or upload them and send invitations to selected users to remark on those then you need to sign up as a registered co-ment PRO service user.

On the basis of those comments you can modify your text content as well.

Co-ment services provide a well designed, effective and comfortable user interface that help you to develop subsidiary annotations.

You can use co-ment for collective text production especially if you looking for remarks and observations from a high number of analysts.

Co-ment also uses text annotation options for presented texts to help educational, sophisticated or authorized investigation process.

Co-ment is supported by free software authorized under GPL License. Co-ment business version aims at just trade inputs in services over the web.

Features of Co-ment

Co-ment services provide you with a special evaluation offer to testify its exclusive features. The co-ment special features include:

  1. Co-ment basically has three chief functions which include enhancement in text levels in educational, commercial and legal institutions.
  2. The simple text format in co-ment leads to a high quality exchange. You can choose format types from PDF, MS Word and many more and also from 3 basic text languages.
  3. There is a particular HTML code attached to each text. If you want to have your feedbacks while being on your website then all you have to do is copy paste that HTML code on your current site. However this option is still available at a public view only.
  4. Depending on the feedbacks and revision proposals suggested by commentators if you wish to edit or recreate your text then it is possible using co-ment. It offers version managing. However, you can save your previous work too and use it as a reference for your new edition. Then you can any time go back to the older version and compare the two. After you have created a reformed version it is on you whether you want to keep or delete the comments you received on your text.
  5. For creation of a specific text you can form a group and distribute the text formation work to all the group members individually. You can set them with specific roles as reporter, observer, editor, mediator or supervisor.
  6. To keep you updated with any new addition or development of your text, a RSS input and an email alert scheme have been provided in co-ment for individual texts.
  7. The workspace provided by co-ment helps you to observe your group’s goings-on and also instant accessibility to all the contents. You can keep a check on the active group members, contents and posted comments by the portlets on the dashboard. This is a unique device for project management without paperwork.
  8. There is also the scope for you to observe group activities from different perspectives based on time-frame.
  9. SSL encryptions are provided to secure co-ment communication and user privacy.

Download : co-ment

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