Today for Mac – The Best Task manager for syncs iCal

“Today” – as the name suggests, is an application that helps you to keep a track of your daily events. Plenty of applications are available now days, to organize daily events and schedules. What makes this application unique amongst those is the filter that helps the user to prioritize within the daily tasks and events and accordingly, see what is really important.

Today for Mac

You can program Today to show only events or meetings, according to your preference. Adding, deleting or rescheduling is made easily using this Apple application. “Today” is a great application that helps the user to organize and schedule meetings, events, appointments and to-do tasks with a click of button.

The most amazing feature of this application is – it can prioritize daily meetings and events and only show the important ones. “Today” supports iCal, a tool that keeps a track of every happening of your life.

However, it can get unorganized a little bit, while Today integrates and schedules all your events, meetings and appointments and plans them accordingly to keep your daily life organized.

Today shows you not only the day’s task, but also the meetings and schedules ahead and helps you keep focused on your duties.

Features of Today Task manager

  1. Schedules the daily task – The unique application called Today, works as an organizer by planning the daily work and by providing instant notifications and reminders.
  2. Prioritize your tasks – With the help of this application, the user can prioritize the important tasks for the day. That means it will show only what you tag as important.
  3. Easy to use – The application is quite easy to use and with its simple layout, it can be easily used by the students as well as by the busy professionals.
  4. ICal and BusyCal application support – Today supports iCal and BusyCal application and with the help of that, it (Today) keeps a track of the day-to-day happenings in the life of the user. With the help of these applications, the user can share calendars by Google Calendar using their LAN connection.
  5. 64 bit application – The application was built for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which helps the application to take privileges of the entire memory of Mac OS X and 64 bit application too, helps in performing well.
  6. Smart Layout – The layout and interface of this application is smart and simple, which makes it visually appealing.
  7. Works on Mac OS X or higher version – The application works on Mac OS X or on a higher version than that, which helps to give the application a fully integrated support.
  8. Task Hot Keys – The task hot keys of this application enable the user to edit, add, delete or reschedule tasks and events using a single keystroke.
  9. Ideal for students and working professionals – The application is so much flexible and user-friendly that students as well as the busy working professionals can use it easily, as the application has no complex operations to perform.

Today is a wonderful application among its contemporaries and can stay ahead in competition due to its simple operation and plenty of features.

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