Jun 14, 2012

Dockview – Create Windows Preview in Mac Dock

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DockView for mac is the Window Preview app for Mac OS X that has been released by Kapeli. It aims to increase awareness of the windows that several applications have been opened.

Dockview – create Windows Preview in Mac Dock

DockView is the Window Preview app for Mac OS that has been released by Kapeli. The key feature of this app is that it shows the window previews whenever the user mouse hover on any of the application in the Mac’s Dock or while using CMD+Tab.

Window Previews in Mac’s Dock

DockView allow user to visualize the current windows they have currently opened and it also helps you to find the window you are looking for.

Mac CMD+Tab application switcher help you to display the previews by default. All the applications are easily identified by the users and it reduces the time considerably as pretty less amount of time is taken in switching between several applications.

3.8MB space is required to download the DockView that certainly requires Mac OS X 10.6. (“Snow Leopard”). You can also purchase it for

You can also use the free version but certain alert messages are displayed several times but its use is fully unrestricted otherwise.

You can certainly find applications like the DockView by just holding and clicking the icon of Dock for just a very few seconds,

but the feature that marks the difference of DockView with others is that the view provided by the DockView is much less intrusive and is much more quicker, that enables the users to rotate between several apps of the Dock.

Mac OS Application Switcher is also provided by the DockView that ensures its extensibility and you are able to hold down several Command-Tabs.

Whenever you mouse hover on an application icon a thumbnail is immediately popped up, and clicking on it will allow you to open that in the form of a window.

(For example, if three windows are open at the same time then at that time three thumbnails are opened at that time in the form of Command-1, Command-2, or Command-3.)

Some additional features are also provided by the DockView that includes mini playback controls in iTunes (and many other similar types of apps) and, it also contains appointments in iCal.

You can find several new preferences in the DockView (for example, you can see several thumbnail previews while holding down only a hot key, such as Option or Control), but usually users prefer not to go beyond the defaults A free trial is provided by the DockView but if you use the original one you need to register for it at first.

Features of Dockview

  1. Live previews – Viewing Window previews in a continuous manner keeps you updated without letting you get diverted from focusing on the window on which you are working at.
  2. Customizable – You can modify the shape and size of the window preview. it has six different styles, you can choose between them .
  3. Smooth dock operations – The dock seeing option let you turn off your windows in a very smooth way. The spaces are also being numbered in terms of the function of the dock viewing system as per the windows.
  4. Secured – There is no scope of modification of the documents so no kind of alteration trouble.
  5. Badge Dock Icons – DockView can badge Dock icons with the number of windows that each application has open.
  6. Provide window Preview for iTunes, QuickTime, VLC for show skip, play and pause buttons and iCal for show upcoming events for the current day.

With such an array of effective features the Dockview app is sure to make mac users happy.

Download : DockView – Window Previews in Mac’s Dock