9 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Smartphones

Written by On Nov 25, 2013

9 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Smart phones. These apps are designed to be used on your smart phones and can be used as a reminder for any kind of pending bill payments. Here are the 9 best bill reminder apps for your smart phones.

Are you tired of scribbling down your pending bill payments on calendars and notebooks? Gone are the days when there was the need to memories the dates for your pending payments.

As usual, technology has come to your rescue here. Yes, it is now possible to keep a track of all your pending bill payments with the help of some really cool apps. These apps are designed to be used on your smart phones and can be used as a reminder for any kind of pending bill payments. Here are the 9 best bill reminder apps for your smart phones.


  1. Check- Bills & Money

    This app takes care of the fact that nothing should come in the way of your bill payments. All you need to do is install this app on your smart phone and it immediately takes charge on all your bank accounts as well as credit/ debit cards for determining all pending bill payments.

    Whenever there is a pending bill to pay or if the payment day is approaching, you will get notifications accordingly. So, there is no longer the need to get stressed about unpaid bills and payments. This app will remind you about all pending payments.

    You can then pay those bills on the spot or can also schedule it for payment on any later stage. There is no need for any paper work as well. Since the Check app keeps track of all your accounts, there is no chance you will miss anything. – check.me

  2. Bills Monitor Free- Bill Manager and Reminder

    Bills Monitor comes with an easy to use User interface and helps in managing all your bills and corresponding payments. Once you log your bill in this app, it will keep an eye on your activities and also on the bills to be paid from time to time.

    This keeps your payment schedules in control and also makes your life a lot easier. Apart from this, the user interface and design of this app is very clean and hence offers a hassle free experience to the users.

    It is compatible with iOS 6.0. Features like calendar view as well as showing the status of a bill once you click on that icon are what make this app perfect for you. – Bills Monitor Free

  3. Bill Minder

    This app helps in bringing all your bills at one location, hence making them more manageable. The Bill Minder app describes your bills in the form of charts and graphs so that you can keep a check on your expenses as well.

    Add your accounts with Bill Minder and you are done for once and all. When you are reminded about any bill payment, you can schedule it to be paid at any convenient time throughout that day.

    You can also synchronize Bill Minder with other iOS devices in your household. This will ensure that you will get reminders from all the sources. Other iOS devices which can be synchronized with this app are iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch.

    You can also retrieve all your data from this app’s cloud in case you lose your device. – BillMinder

  4. Manilla

    The Manilla bill reminder app ensures that you stay up to date when it comes to the payment of all your bills. All your bank accounts and debit / credit cards are taken care of and tracked by this app.

    One amazing fact about the Manilla app is that it safeguards all your personal account details on your smart phone. Top level security features further makes it safe to be used on your hand held devices.

    The automatic form of reminders triggered by this app will ensure that none of your bills remain unpaid in the future. Also, one single login is sufficient for accessing all your accounts. – manilla

  5. MoBill Budget and Reminder

    MoBill bill reminder app is specially designed to be used on all Android powered smart phones. This is not just another bill reminder app; rather it also acts as a finance consultant as well as a budget management app.

    It helps in keeping your finances under proper control. Also, it reminds whenever some payments are to be made. As a finance managing app, it tracks and compares your incomes with your expenses.

    This app manages multiple accounts and uses password safety as well. Some features of the MoBill Budget and Reminder app are calendar style view, inbuilt calculator, widgets, backup facility and a lot more. – MoBill Budget and Bill Reminder

  6. Swift Bills Free

    Tracking and paying your bills has become very easy with the help of this app. You can track your entire budget or keep track of few prioritized payments. There is an inbuilt icon badge that keeps a record of all unpaid bills and their due dates.

    You can store bill details such as amount, name, last date and fine. Also, bills are displayed in a number of categories based on their due dates, such as on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

    It also informs you regarding the number of days since any particular bill is overdue. Once you make a bill payment, it automatically gets marked as paid and the bar moves to the next bill payment with the nearest due date. – Swift Bills Free

  7. Bill Organizer- Manage & Track your bills

    Bill Organizer allow you to get automatically synchronized across various iOS devices, hence efficiently keeping track of all your bill payments. There is an additional option for importing updates into your device’s calendar.

    The Bill Organizer app maintains a history of all your paid and unpaid bills, also displaying a monthly record of all your expenses and incomes. Using this app, you can also make partial payments for your bills.

    Apart from the inbuilt categories, you can create your own categories as well. You no longer have to choose between a full featured bill organizer OR an intuitive user interface. you can now have them both with Bill Organizer. – Bill Organizer

  8. Bill Tracker Lite

    The Bill Tracker Lite helps in keeping track of all your bills by giving you important details such as amount due, last date, mode of payment and gives corresponding confirmations once you make any particular payment.

    This app maintains all your bills in the form of a list. You can use any currency of your choice for making the payments and also apply a personal password on your account.

    Moreover, you can also view account history and related websites while using this app on your smart phones. – BillTracker Lite

  9. Money Journal Lite

    Money Journal app works more as a money management app and helps you in keeping track of all your incomes as well as expenses. Graph/ chart view provided by this app makes it easier for you to track your monthly expenses so that you can cut through if needed.

    This is one app that can be used for both planning your budget and for increasing your savings. There is an inbuilt calculator in which current account details can be entered and protected with the help of a pass code.

    You also have the authority to add, delete as well as manage different currencies and bill categories. It also offers backup facility for all kinds of iOS devices. – Money Journal Lite