Sep 8, 2013
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Best Photo Management Apps for Mac OS X

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Best Photo Management Apps for Mac. Today we decided to share something for the people who love photos or have photography in their interests list. Today we are going to share some of the best photo management apps for your Mac OS X operating system which will help you in maintaining and organizing your photos.


If you are regular reader of this blog you might have come across a lot of different posts providing you different apps for your gadgets. Today we decided to share something for the people who love photos or have photography in their interests list. Today we are going to share some of the best photo management apps for your Mac OS X operating system which will help you in maintaining and organizing your photos.

Best Photo management App for Mac OS X

  1. Lyn

    Lyn is a simple yet easy to use, lightweight photo management app for Mac Operating system. it is mostly used by photographers, web designers and graphics designers. You can not only edit your images to make them special but can also use the geo tagging option to geo tag them and make them memorable forever. Lyn supports most of the formats that come for images like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, RAW, JPEG 2000, OpenEXR, HDR, PPM and GIF. Lyn comes with an integrated video player which gives you the option to have a look at the video recordings you did. You can try Lyn for 15 days for free as it comes with 15 days free trail and if you wish to continue using the software you can buy the premium version of it. – Lyn Photo management app

  2. iPhoto

    iPhoto is the official app from Apple which is an complete photo management tool for Mac. Want to share your photos with your friends directly after editing them? Using iPhoto you can directly share your favorite photos with your friends and family members not only on social networking websites but also via e-mail. The latest version of iPhoto software comes with full screen mode which gives you the option to edit your images in full screen mode. Have a look at a complete batch of your images using the slide show feature. You can try different modes in the slideshow feature. You can enhance your photos by making books of them using the Books feature of iPhoto. iPhoto comes with the exclusive Photo Stream option which will automatically sync the images which you take with your other iOS devices. – iPhoto Photo management app

  3. Picasa for Mac

    You might have already heard about Picasa. Picasa is a great photo management app from Google which helps you save all your photos online in your personalized account and allows you to share the albums you created with your loved ones. Picasa has also developed software especially for Mac which helps in easy photo management. Picasa comes with powerful editing tools with great features which help in giving a fabulous look to your photos. It is one of the best tools which will help you to organize your images in an efficient way. You can download the software for free and start organizing, editing and sharing your photos. – Picasa for Mac

  4. Flickery

    One Mac client which all the photo lovers should have is Flickery. A great client which will not only manage and edit the photos you are having with yourself but will also manage all the photos which are present in your Flickr account. Flickery made sharing easy. Flickery comes with the famous drag and drop feature which will help you in easy uploading and managing of all your photos. Flickery has an easy to use user interface which is very easy to understand and use. View your images and videos in three different modes. The different modes are full screen, windowed and the browser mode. Flickery comes with a search option which will help you to search the locations from Flickr to tag them and you can also search your friends, family members. – Flickery Photo management App

  5. Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

    Adobe has been known since long for image editing. Adobe Photoshop elements 6 is the #1 paid software which is used by most of the consumers for photo editing. Photoshop elements come with a great set of tools and features which are very easy to use and give you a wide range of functionality. Share your moments with social networking websites with the integrated sharing option. Edit your images using three different modes. You can use Guided, Quick or Expert mode. If you want to edit your images quickly use the Quick mode. If you want advanced editing of your images you should try the detailed guided mode and if you consider yourself expert in editing your pictures you should try the Expert mode. – Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

  6. Aperture

    Another app from Apple makes to our list of best photo management app and that app is Aperture. Organize, edit and share. That’s what Aperture is about. Edit your photos, retouch them and give them a professional look using Aperture. The latest version of Aperture is compatible with the new MacBook’s which come with Retina Display. Aperture is a paid app and you can get one for your Mac by paying $80. – aperture Photo management apps

  7. Unbound for Mac

    Unbound for Mac provides you 3 times more the processing speeds you get from iPhoto. If you want to get your work done within seconds you should try this app as the main priority of the developers behind developing this app was to provide the fastest speeds to its users. Easily organize your favorite images by categorizing them into albums and search them later on using the inbuilt search feature. You can integrate Unbound with your dropbox account and share your images on your other iOS devices. – Unbound for Mac

  8. Pixa

    Pixa comes with a tagline of “Organizing your images, the easy way”. They even stand to what they say as you won’t be required to give much effort to organize your favorite images. Pixa supports most of the image formats available today . Pixa comes with Auto Tagging feature which is just awesome for lazy people. Live Folders is a another useful feature offered by Pixa. You can create some new folders and mark them as Live Folders and all your images will be saved in these folders other than getting saved in the source folder. You can use dropbox to share your images with your friends, family members. Pixa also comes with different browser extensions which will help you to save images from different web pages by just a one click. – pixa for Mac