Nov 27, 2013
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7 Best Free Typing Tutors for Kids

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7 Best Free Typing Tutors for Kids. Typing is an art. If you want to be prefect in typing then you need to learn this art and become excel in typing. The best way of learning how to type fast and those too typing correct words, sentences is by using Typing tutors.


Typing is an art. If you want to be prefect in typing then you need to learn this art and become excel in typing. The best way of learning how to type fast and those too typing correct words, sentences is by using Typing tutors.

There are many websites and software’s which help people to learn and excel in typing. Today in this post we are going to share the 7 best free typing tutors which will help you to learn typing.

7 Best Free Typing Tutors

  1. Rapid Typing tutor

    Rapid tying Tutor is a great tutor which helps you to learn typing with fun. People of all age varying from kids to adults can learn typing using Rapid typing tutor. It is very easy to learn typing using Rapid Typing tutor.

    There are different kinds of courses available for beginners, advanced typists and experts. So if you are new or you are an expert you can learn something new with the help of Rapid Typing Tutor.

    All your progress will be tracked from time to time. There are also Typing games which come with Rapid Typing Tutor which are very useful for kids.

    Once you think that have learned enough that you can give a typing test, then you can apply for the online typing test which is present on the website.

    There is also software provided by Rapid Typing Tutor which is portable and can be used on any computer. – Rapid Typing Tutor

  2. Dance Mat Typing

    Dance Mat typing is a typing school which is powered by BBC. This typing tutor is suitable for kids only. Kids of ages 7-11 can easily learn typing from Dance Mat Typing.

    There are 4 different levels present for learning typing. There is not just typing in this tool but there are playback sounds which transform the typing to the next level.

    Dance Mat Typing uses Flash to run videos also in the playback when your kids are typing. There are worksheets present for kids which will help them to learn better and print outs can be taken out of these worksheets and can be solved both offline and online. – Dance Mat Typing

  3. Kiran’s Typing Tutor

    Kiran’s Typing Tutor is typing software which is specially designed for Windows. The software is very easy to use. Special lessons are available for beginners which help them to understand what typing really is.

    The software provides 500 different lessons to learn which will help you to excel in typing. There is a finger preview feature of this software which will preview you the finger which you should struck and the key preview feature will show you the preview of the key which should be stroked.

    The software will calculate the accuracy, words typed by you per minute once you complete a lesson. There are special lessons which are developed for kids for age group of 4-8 years.

    The users can customize the settings of the software according to their use and multiple users can access this software. – Kiran’s Typing Tutor

  4. Powertyping

    Powertyping is an online free tool which will help you to learn typing easily. You can learn typing using two different keyboards in Powertyping.

    You can either try the QWERTY keyboard or you can try the Dvorak keyboard for learning how to type.

    So there is one advantage if you are using this tool and that is you can excel in two different keyboards if you are using this tool for learning to type.

    This tool also provides educational games which are suitable for kids and helps them to learn even better. Special typing tests are available on the website which will help you to evaluate your skills. –

  5. Type Fu

    Learn how to type fast using Type Fu, a typing tutor which is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome operating systems.

    If you are beginner, moderate or an expert typist then you will definitely find something useful.

    If by chance you took typing classes in the past but failed to succeed in them then you can brush up your lost skills using Type Fu. Special algorithms are devised which will never show the exercises again which you have successfully completed.

    When you improve you’re typing with Type Fu then it will automatically raise the level of difficulty. If you miss a key stroke Type Fu will provide you both audio and visual hints. Type Fu will help you to keep complete track of your typing with the help of Easy process tracking. – Type Fu

  6. Typing Club

    Typing Club is a free touch typing tutor which will help you to learn typing in an effective manner. The software is absolutely free of cost and comes with a lot of amazing features.

    You can practice the same lesson again and again until the time comes when you are having three stars on that lesson.

    There is a special edition of the software named School edition which will help the instructors in the school for teaching their students in an effective manner.

    If you think that you can create lessons for your students then you can create special lessons for your students using the school edition of this software. The School version of Typing club is a paid one.  – TypingClub

  7. Typing Web

    Typing Web is a free online typing tutor. The tool is not only used by students for learning how to type but teachers also participate in Typing Web.

    This tool is suitable for people of all age groups and special lessons are developed keeping in mind the age groups. If you are a teacher and if you are using Typing Web then you will get a special Teacher portal which will allow you to manage your students easily, grade time and report them.

    There are tests which are conducted from time to time and if you succeed to pass the tests then you will be certified by Typing Institute of America.

    There are even competitions which take place from time to time and people of all age group can take part and prove that they are the best. – TypingWeb