Nov 21, 2012
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13 Best Desktop Apps for Facebook

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Facebook is a most popular social networking sites on web. In case if you looking for Best Desktop Apps for Facebook, look no further. We have evaluated and listed 13 most popular and best Facebook desktop applications.


Facebook is a most popular social networking sites on web. In case if you looking for Best Desktop Apps for Facebook, look no further. We have evaluated and listed 13 most popular and best Facebook desktop applications which let you update your Facebook status, track your friend’s updates, Upload your images and videos to your Facebook Profiles and watch Facebook videos and photos directly from Desktop.

13 Most Popular Facebook Desktop Applications

  1. Facebook Desktop

    Facebook Desktop Apps

    Facebook Desktop is a window Desktop Apps for Facebook that allow user to update post to their Facebook profile, such as messages, pokes, wall posts, and friend requests directly from desktop without opening any browser window. Features included Automatic login, Notifies you when you receive new messages, wall posts, pokes and friend requests etc.. – Facebook Desktop App

  2. Gabtastik

    Gabtastik desktop apps for facebook

    Gabtastik is a desktop client for web chats also known as site specific browser for major Web Chats services. With this Apps, User can keep chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory. Easy to customize windows display level and their opacity, and lets you toggle quickly between supported chat services such as Google and Facebook Chat. – Gabtastik Windows Desktop App

  3. Facebook Photo Uploader – Bloom

    Bloom is a yet another multi platform Facebook Desktop Apps for upload your Facebook images and videos to your Facebook accounts instantly and easily. it also allow you to download your Facebook albums and view your friends’ photos directly from Desktop. Easy to upload photos to a new or an existing Facebook album and tag them. – Bloom Facebook Desktop Apps

  4. Facebook Notify Me

    Facebook Notify Me

    Facebook Notify Me is a simple yet easy to use windows Tray application for Facebook that notifies you when you get a new message or a friend request. it mainly design to run from windows tray and Notify you every time with a pop-up message when you get a new message, a friend request, Poked and event invitation etc.. – Facebook Notify Me

  5. FBQuick

    FBQuick desktop Apps for facebook

    FBQuick is a desktop notification apps for Facebook that give you instant profile notifications on your desktop and monitor your Facebook Profile without open single browser window. – fbquick

  6. Facedesk

    Facedesk desktop apps for facebook

    Facedesk is a none other than a simple Adobe Air based Applications that work as simple browser, but it runs only Facebook, so you won’t be able to open any other sites. You need to do just start facedesk, and alt-tab (on Windows or Linux) or Cmd-tab (on Mac) to shift between this application and the other ones you are running. – facedesk

  7. Fosimo for Facebook

    Fosimo facebook desktop apps

    Fosimo is a Facebook Desktop Client for Windows that help you manage your Facebook account directly from desktop. With this Apps, User can chat with friends, view their online presence and Profiles. Upload photos without surfing through Facebook and up to date with your friends status etc.. – Fosimo Facebook Desktop client 

  8. Flip Toast

    Flip Toast

    Flip Toast for facebook

    Flip Toast is a only windows apps that provide support for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest on single platform. it’s an social networking desktop client that offers a simplified alternative to the established social networking experience. it aggregates all your social networking sites profiles into one dashboard, so you can easily interact and engage with friends and family from many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in a whole new way. stay up to date with Apps live Tile.  – FlipToast for windows 8

  9. Telerik FDeck

    Telerik fdeck

    Telerik FDeck is a Sliverlight based Facebook client for Desktop. it has brand new User interface with simple drag-and-drop is what stands between your new album and your Facebook friends.  – Telerik fdeck

  10. Fishbowl for Facebook

    Fishbowl desktop apps for facebook



    Fishbowl for Facebook is a desktop application for Facebook that enhance your User experience with Facebook in a new ways. You can follow the complete news feed from your friends, groups and favorite Facebook pages without even having to open your web browser.  – Fishbowl for Facebook

  11. Seesmic for Facebook

    Seesmic for facebook

    Seesmic for Facebook is a Desktop Apps specially designed for Facebook that let you use Facebook on the desktop in the same way you are using on web. features included support for multiple accounts, Easy to schedule and post to multiple Twitter, Facebook accounts, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, Link Attachment and Images, Create personalized groups to send to a combination of services and accounts, Access from anywhere with any device etc.. – Seesmic Desktop Apps for Facebook

  12. TweetDeck


    TweetDeck is a one of the best and most popular desktop Apps for Facebook and Twitter that brings more flexibility and insight to power users. With this Apps user can arrange their Facebook feeds into customizable Columns, so you can focus on important post and friends updates with Powerful Search filters. Also Easy to schedule your updates and Tweets etc.. – TweetDeck

  13. Zebr Facebook Desktop Apps

    Zebr is an Adobe AIR based desktop apps for Facebook that shows status updates of your Facebook friends, and provides a quick and easy way to update your own status message on your Facebook Profile directly from Desktop. also notifies you when you receive any new messages, wall posts and more. – Zebr Facebook Desktop Apps