SUBERNOVA – online project management and invoicing tool

SUBERNOVA is an online project management tool that makes your job easier. It’s a simple and versatile software that minimizes the stressful work of remembering significant details of your projects. It works efficiently with any kind of project. With Subernova you can be in full control of your business.

SUBERNOVA - online project management and invoicing tool

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial of the software. You will have a password protected account with SHA-512 secure hash algorithm. You can install Subernova on your desktop. It can then be coupled with server-side capabilities. You can also upgrade to online monthly or yearly subscription. It costs around $14.99 a month and $149.99 a year.

Subernova performs a wide array of functions like-

  • You can collaborate with your team members or clients on different projects.
  • You can generate and dispatch unlimited invoices & estimates.
  • It automatically sends reminders to your clients if payments are not made at the right time.
  • It has the option sending out recurring invoices.
  • It automatically assimilates invoices with PayPal payment gateway.
  • It can forward reminders through email when the deadline for a project or milestone is nearing.
  • It is compatible with iPhone & iPad optimized web applications.
  • It helps to  emails to clients.
  • It allows easy organization with your calendar of choice using iCalendar feeds.
  • It sends RSS feed to keep record of team activities.
  • It takes care of multiple projects, clients, and users at the same time.
  • It retains daily backups of your data and thus assures security of your data.
  • Your account is password protected and your password is secured by SSL encryption.

Features of SUBERNOVA

  1. It gives an overall project progress report. You can view a timeline of your project and number of days left is shown clearly.
  2. Subernova works on a milestone basis. It splits up your project into small milestones assigns it to particular clients or anyone in your team and sets a deadline for the milestone. It constantly sends reminders and notifications as per requirements.
  3. You can create estimates and invoices in a very short time and brand them with your logo and brand name.
  4. It has an integrated timer that charges your timer on an hour basis for additional requests.
  5. It helps you maintain a schedule and mail your clients on any follow-ups required.
  6. It lets your co-workers and clients create and manage tasks with you and thereby leading to the improvement of the quality of work being done.
  7. You can opt for the online or desktop application version of the software. If you install it in your computer you can couple it with browser facilities to get the best results.
  8. It has an attractive user interface.

Subernova is a very popular software because of the superior quality of services it provides. It has become a leader among other project management services available in the market. It is sure to get your job done.

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  1. James Kite

    What i like most about it is that Project Management Software entails scheduling, cost control, budget management, collaboration and communication which are used to arrange the elaboration of the large projects. It is practical, powerful software that execute tasks in an effective way.

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