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SOFA stand for Statistics Open For All. it’s an open-source statistics, analysis, and reporting software that make your statistics more easy and simple to understand. It is a user-friendly tool that helps you to analyze and report program. Your display will come out in a beautiful way. It has an attractive format that is easy to use. It is open for all.

Statistics Open For All

The application, Statistics Open For All (SOFA), has Mac DMG package, and has both leopard and snow leopard installed in it. It also has an application like windows, which can operate in XP, Vista and windows 7. Added to that, it also has an exclusive Ubuntu DEB package which supports Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

As a result, users with any Operating System can easily install this application and use it. Needless to say, the application is quite easy to use and needs no tutorial to operate. The edit and enter button helps the user to get started. This also helps the user to look into the existing data tables and make new ones. The demo tool bar enables the user to test analyzing the statistical data of the application.

Features of Statistics Open For All

  1. This application enables the user to enter his or her data either directly, or by importing it from a spreadsheet or .csv file. The user can also connect directly to a database and enter the desired data.
  2. With SOFA statistics, the data can be structured for the analysis in the way he or she wants. The variables the user needs or wants to analyze as numbers for correlation analyses or histograms, are actually entered and imported as numeric data and not as text.
  3. In SOFA Statistics, unlike many other statistic programs, one can connect directly to data that have any supported SQL-type database (currently MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite).
  4. The application supports importing of data from Excel spreadsheets (on Windows only but a copy of MS Office is not required), ODS spreadsheets (OpenOffice Calc and Gnumeric etc.), .csv files and Google Doc spreadsheets.
  5. The statistical synthesis of this application makes it relatively easy to survey and analyze the results. Making a simple survey in Google Docs, and sending a link to the people you want to survey, and importing the data into SOFA Statistics from the underlying Google Docs Spreadsheet ready to make tables etc. is quite easy. One can even embed the survey in to a web page.
  6. This also helps the user make various types of charts, like pie, line area, histograms, scatter plots, clustered bar chart etc..
  7. With sofa statistical tool, one can conduct analysis on a subset of any data. The user can apply temporary filters to his or her data, which remains in place until he or she closes SOFA application or deliberately remove it.
  8. This application has a host of other useful features like, statistical test marking charts, filtering data, recording data.

There are a plenty of statistical application in the market but Statistics Open For All (SOFA) is unique in its own way as it is very easy to work with existing data. There is no hidden fee attached to it and it is genuinely free. Statistics Open For All doesn’t confuse its users with options more than what is required. In nutshell, this application is loaded with all that is required to work with big statistical data.

Download : Statistics Open For All

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