Speckle- manage your to-dos with multiple check-boxes per item

Speckle is a online spec-list management app that provide you an exclusive way to manage your projects. It lays emphasis on smaller tasks. Thus it is a simpler application than other project management software. It is a basic software and can be used by anyone. It definitely saves your time and reduces your workload.

Speckle to do list

It has less functionality to allow you to divide your project as a series of tasks. You can gradually complete a project by approaching it task by task. But it is versatile in nature and can be used for any kind of projects. Thus Speckle is unique in its features and utility.

Speckle takes the check box approach to manage tasks and accomplish projects. You can create list and tick off the items as you proceed. The lists can be prepared on a per project basis so that you can handle each project separately. You can sign up for a registered account on http://speckleapp.com/ and use Speckle. Registration is not mandatory.

You can simply try out a demo that is available in the same web address. Signing up is available free of cost. It is simple to use with a handy user interface. All the options are ready and you will be intuitively guided to them. You do not need to constantly navigate to other pages to apply the simplest of options. This give Speckle an advantage over other product management software’s. It has a dull color scheme which might seem boring. But its features will not fail to impress you.

Features of Speckle

  1. Nothing to install- All you need to access Speckle is a computer, an internet connection and a web browser. It is a simple online software and does not require any installation. You can access it from anywhere.
  2. Easy to start- You need to fill up a simple registration form to start with. You will be asked you name, email address and a password for your account. Even before you sign up you can create a dummy account to explore the features of Speckle.
  3. To create a project you just have to chose a name for the particular project and enter several email addresses of people you want to collaborate with over the project. You can add some details for reference and set the various stages of the project. Thus Speckle allows you to record each task associated with the project.
  4. There is also a list feature in Speckle which as the actual manager. You will have to add several items to a particular list which can be marked on the basis of its recent progress under a project. This progress is defined by the stages you had set at the beginning of the project.
  5. Speckle lets you collaborate with your co-workers and customers. You can invite them from your Speckle account to join.

Speckle is versatile in nature and suited for a developer, designer or a writer. It lets you be in control of your project as it is you who defines the stages of the project.

Download : Speckle – todo list with multiple check-boxes


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