Pipeno- Social Publishing Platform for journalists

Pipeno is a state-of-the-art social publishing platform with unified money making feature that enables to earn a bit also. it’s a crackerjack publishing tool for all types of users. Notwithstanding which profession you belong there is a scope for you to publicize your fascination. Pipeno presents you a fair shake to create a market out of your indentation. Pipeno has a number of embedded applications that will assist you in publishing your niche including analytics soft wares that helps you in highlighting your publication. It also provides unlimited photo gallery where you can upload picture and share.

Pipeno is a professional tool for you where you can create an association, publish and share your passion and also allows earning at the same time. It offers you the option of publishing in collaboration with others. You can customize the preset templates offered by the Pipeno site and fabricate your own video and pictures gallery and create your own community. With this customization enabling Pipeno improves your publishing quality.

You can create teams of authors with whom you want to work with, gain audience by making the use of the in-built audience building widgets. You can monitor your site’s performance through various integrated analytics. The content source of Pipeno community is trusted and tested and then embedded by experts where you can engage with the peoples of your community without any hassles.

Pipeno offers you a virtual currency with which you can buy virtual gifts, e-books, specific advertisements and many more utility materials. This interface presents you an opportunity to create a market out of your pigeonhole and puts you in the drivers’ seat. It serves to beef up your visibility with “automated Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)”. By making thorough use of these features you can setup top-notch website in matter of minutes and helps you grow along with the changing time.

Features of Pipeno

Pipeno has been designed by experts incorporating astounding features aiming at its better functionality-

  1. You can choose from a platter of beautiful, practical templates and themes with unified social media features such that you can publish your passion in any style whether in the form of online newspapers, magazines, or sites containing your vacation.
  2. You can use “social-media audience-building tools” (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) and thereby optimize flow between your publications, associations and the e-commerce apps.
  3. Your site doesn’t get out-dated with its perceptive utility feature because it receives update automatically from the web and configures you site and publications.
  4. You can participate in discussions within your community, look out for specific information, and engage in e-commerce.
  5. “Search engine optimization” which means Pipeno presents clean article links, proper tagging and many a similar utilities.
  6. A comment which receives a large number of negative votes from the members of your own community is automatically hidden. This feature serves for your sites’ better present ability.
  7. You can create a group of staff members from your community to monitor and delete expendable and inept topics uploaded in your community that aren’t relevant or beneficial for your site.
  8. Audience members can also send gifts to you if they like your publication.
  9. Extremely efficient security controls.
  10. Worthwhile analytics such that you can monitor your sites’ performance efficiently.

In this era of online publishing Pipeno provides a cutting edge social publishing platform with high security and better features. You can make money through your publishing and hence get started with the journey and grow with the community.

Download : pipeno – Social publishing platform


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