Feb 11, 2019
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7 Best AR Smart Glasses (Augmented Reality Smart Glasses)

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7 Best AR Smart Glasses (Augmented Reality Smart Glasses). The following are the top augmented reality glasses that are available now or coming soon.


Nowadays, everyone’s talking about AR Smart Glasses (Augmented Reality Glasses). So those who are unaware about AR, I am going to tell you what Augmented Reality (AR) is? 

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.

AR Smart Glasses is an augmented reality headset is a specialized, head-mounted display device that provides a simulated visual environment through physical display optic lenses, allowing the user to see both a digital display and the world through the glasses.

It combines glass lenses which allow natural light to pass on through to the eyes with digital LED or OLED displays which send the computer-generated images to the eyes. Thus, when one wears augmented reality glasses, they see images from a double source: the real world outside and the computer-generated objects.

Here is a 7 Best AR Smart Glasses you must try.

Best AR Smart Glasses

  1. Microsoft HoloLens

    Microsoft HoloLens - Best AR Smart Glasses

    Microsoft HoloLens also known as Project Baraboo is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you. Interacting with holograms in mixed reality enables you to visualize and work with your digital content as part of your real world. Realize mixed reality’s promise with Microsoft HoloLens.

    it’s an pair of mixed reality smart glasses running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 operating system. The HoloLens is a head-mounted display unit connected to an adjustable, cushioned inner headband, which can tilt HoloLens up and down, as well as forward and backward.

  2. Sony SmartEyeglass

    SmartEyeglass - Best AR Smart Glasses

    Sony’s augmented realitySmartEyeglass” is lightweight, binocular eyewear that enables true augmented reality experiences. it includes unique holographic waveguide technology, which enables super thin augmented reality lenses with high transparency and excellent brightness.

    it is specially designed and developed for increasing your business productivity and reducing errors.Transform the way you work by enhancing reality with information and graphics. Sony’s SmartEyeglass is able to connect to smartphones and other devices with Bluetooth and wireless LAN. These devices must run on Android 4.4 or above.

    Whether you’re watching a live game, concert, touring a new city or carrying out a job, SmartEyeglass helps you stay focused and involved, whilst supporting and empowering you with extra data, help and information.

  3. Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses

    Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses - Best AR Smart Glasses

    Meet Vuzix, World’s first AR Smart Glasses with Wave-Guide Technology that delivers enhanced functionality for your on-the-go, hands-free, mobile computing requirements. Now you can stay connected and navigate without taking your phone out your pocket. Ideal for mobile applications – from social media such as Facebook to navigation, light augmented reality, HD photography and video recording.

    Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses provide a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing experience utilizing Vuzix’s proprietary waveguide optics and Cobra II display engine. It’s like having your computer or smartphone screen information with you wherever you go.

  4. Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

    Recon Jet Smart Eyewear - Best AR Smart Glasses

    Recon Jet is world’s most powerful smart eyewear built for sports and fitness, Recon Jet delivers live metrics directly to your eye without breaking the flow of your activity. Jet’s display is equivalent to a 30” screen viewed from 7 feet (2 m) away.

    It’s crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions—and thanks to Recon Jet patented Glance Detection technology, it wakes up instantly when you glance down, then turns off again when you look away, minimizing distractions and maximizing power efficiency.

  5. ORA 2 AR Smart Glasses

    ORA 2 AR Smart Glasses - Best AR Smart Glasses

    ORA 2 revolutionary smart glass wear with a transparent AR display for a crisp, bright image display. The virtual screen of the ORA-2 has two configurations allowing both ‘augmented reality’ and ‘glance’ modes. This ‘Flip-Vu’ feature allows the image to be either directly in the wearer’s field of view or just below.

    The ORA-2 is equipped with a dual core processor w/ GPU, camera, microphone, sound, inertial sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, ambient light sensor, and a high capacity rechargeable battery. The ORA-2 is the most powerful smart glass platform for a truly unique and mobile computing experience.

  6. Atheer Air Smart Glasses

    Atheer Air Smart Glasses - Best AR Smart Glasses

    Meet Atheer Air, The world’s most interactive smart glasses platform for desktop professionals that empower users to view critical work information right in the field-of-view. Natural gestures, voice commands and motion tracking make the glasses intuitive and easy to use for hands-on tasks.

    collaborate with your remote team experts in real time to reduce downtime and increase efficiency via video calls. receive guidance in real-time through image annotations, new workflows and resolve problems quickly.

  7. CastAR Smart AR Glasses

    CastAR Smart AR Glasses - Best AR Smart Glasses

    Transform everyday spaces into 3D digital playgrounds with CastAR smart glasses. CastAR includes a very fast and highly precise tracking solution, allowing you to change your experience by holding your 3D world in place while you are free to move around in it.

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