Scriptito – web-based writing tool and project manager

Scriptito is a collection of web-based tools for writers of all levels. It has made life easy for writers. Using Scriptito you can manage his creations efficiently with just a few mouse clicks. Scriptito is also a place for avid readers who can read shared pieces of literature here. Scriptito is becoming very popular as numbers of tech-savvy writers are increasing.


Scriptito allows you to perform two main functions-

  • Write – Scriptito does not require installation of any software. It is a web-based tool to manage your projects online. It is suitable for writers of all levels. From newcomers to recognized writers Scriptito has something to offer to everyone.
  • Read – Scriptito is a great place for those who are interested in reading pieces of literature from around the world. It is also a great platform for upcoming writers since it allows them to reach out to readers all over the world.

You can sign up for a basic account in Scriptito which comes free of cost.

Features of Scriptito

The features of Scriptito are based on its major operations-

  1. Write – Scriptito is a great text editor and project manager. All writing operations are performed under a tool called Project Workspace. This function offers many features.
    • Storyboard – You can make sketch out the major elements of your project using a storyboard. Storyboards let you manage drafts, characters and settings. A folder or document of your project is signified by a virtual index card on your storyboard. Scriptito index cards boast of superior cross-referencing facilities that are not common in conventional desktop applications.
    • Research folders and linking- Your piece of writing may require some research work. Scriptito allows you to upload or link your project to external resources so that you can go back to theses references whenever required. You can also link these research items to your writing document.
    • Auto-save, versioning and snapshot- Scriptito AutoSaves changes in your document every two minutes and each of these changes are saved separately for thirty days. The Snapshot feature of Scriptito allows you to view the whole copy of your project from time to time.
  2. Read – Scritito has a library of unlimited capacity that lets you explore works from different writers.
    • Scriptitos reader has a multi-panel display and allows user customization in formatting.
    • Scriptito’s library includes a combination of pieces shared by other Scriptito users, and books brought in from the Project Gutenberg library.
  3. Share- Scriptito’s reading and writing features are bound together by its sharing capacities. It allows user to send feedbacks on pieces written by others.
  4. Export- Scriptito allows export of your pieces in multiple formats to make it convenient for others to read.
  5. Import- You can import your existing work into Scriptito and manage it like any other Scriptito project.

With Scriptito you can manage your projects very well. It lets you concentrate on your writing. You do not worry about managing backups of your projects. Scriptito is there to manage these issues.

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