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All your reservations as well as scheduling can be easily taken through the use of Schedulething to the web that may vary from a very short appointment to a conference whose time span can be the entire day that facilitates the reservation.

Online scheduling and reservations tool ScheduleThing

Complex reservations as well as simple appointments can be booked with the help of Schedulething that may demand the usability of multiple resources – places, people, or things.

Online booking has become much easier in comparison to the conventional booking with the use of this resource.

Even if your scheduling is very complicated then also the scheduling is done with ease that certainly helps the customers who avail the system of online booking.

The Schedulething can be set up very easily within a very short time span of only some minutes online reservations as well as online scheduling can be done that easily accepts all the services of yours.

You are only required to enter the detailed information of your business, create your reservation types and resources, and eventually you can start to do your business – and all the things are that damn easy!

At the time of account creation of yours a site for custom booking will be automatically created by the Schedule thing for the business of yours at (your,

where all the customers of your are permitted to view the availability and based on that they can make the reservations in the real time. Customization of your site is permitted with the colors and logos based on your choice.

Features of Schedulething

  1. Scheduling Dashboard – All your upcoming reservations as well as appointments can be seen by you in the scheduling dashboard. Manual blocking of time as well as creation of new appointments is also permitted here. Several resources are provided by the dashboard that includes equipment, employees, vehicles or rooms, and that certainly defines the required resources for each and every type of reservation offer.
  2. Booking Site for the Customers- At the time of your account creation a site for customer booking in public is created automatically and it is provided with a unique URL ( on its own. The look as well as the feel of the very site can be easily customized by you as per the color scheme and logo preferred by you that again depends upon your choice. Your site can be made private as well as public, but if it is a private site then the entry of the customers to the site should be restricted with the provision of a password.
  3. Reservation Types- Rules for your online reservations as well as appointments can be automatically set by you depending upon your Reservation Types. Multiple number of requirements can be reserved for each and every Reservation Type, that even include the optional requirements that provides the customers of yours with certain choices at the time of online booking.
  4. iCal Feeds- With the provision of the iCal feeds automatically, syncing up of all the reservations of yours to the favorite calendar of yours is permitted. It works equally well with Google Calendar, Outlook, Android, iPhone and several other calendar applications.

With the help of the Schedule thing the process of online booking and reservation has become more flexible and easy. It is pretty easy to work with it and it is also very beneficial as well.

Download : ScheduleThing

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