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The fast speed of the business world today makes it very difficult for you to remember every significant detail. But some of these details might result in huge losses for your business. Suppose you forget a meeting with a prospective client or you miss out on the process flow of a project. This will be very detrimental for your business and should be avoided if possible. This is why you need a software to co ordinate your task management.

Remember to-do list

Remember is a task management software which you can use for your MAC, that is non disruptive and straightforward. Using this software will make it much easier for you to remember your important tasks. Remember is software is not a clunky application, where the management of your tasks becomes a task in itself.

Rather, the Remember software happens to be a very simple task list which is always available right at your very own fingertips. The Remember software is basically a very simple task list.

It makes the management of your tasks easy and flexible. The task list is always at your disposal and you could always add folders if you want to arrange your tasks in a more convenient way.

If you happen to be working on some specific project, and you do not really require looking at other stuff, you could make use of the Focus Pop up menu or you could click on the arrow button which is lies next to the folder located in your list.

Features of Remember to-do list application

  1. Remember software helps you to take care of the supply chain management of your business by managing your project allocation in an optimum manner.
  2. Remember software prioritizes between the different projects you are working on. In case if one project is not that important alerts from that project is kept on hold till you sort out the more important project.
  3. Remember software allows for a focus menu serving the pop up function. If you click on the mentioned arrow button you can view the entire folder list along with the sub folder. After checking out the entire list of work that needs to be done, you can go ahead with the project.
  4. Remember functions as a stand alone window. You also have the option of attaching it to the menu bar. If you decide to work in this mode, you will get the additional option of holding the menu icon and you can drag the cursor over various lists. When you scan through the list, various projects are highlighted and you get to choose accordingly. You can highlight a desired project and start working on it. Once a project is completed you may toggle to a different project.

With the Remember software, you can manage your tasks very efficiently. This is a very convenient software, as it gives you the opportunity to organize your crucial tasks and helps to avoid any sort of confusion that may arise in the course of your busy schedule.

Download : Remember to-do list application


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