Redmine – Ruby on Rails based project management tool

Redmine is a versatile web-based project management tool written in Ruby on Rails framework.

It can be used in various platforms and support for multiple databases. Redmine is open-source software.

It provides great service as a project manager and takes care of your business. It is gaining steady popularity due to the efficient methodologies it uses.

Being an open-source software it can be downloaded and installed on your computer easily.

Redmine basically allows you to perform a wide array of functions. It is efficient in handling several projects simultaneously.

It exercises a role-based control on who can access the software. It has a multipurpose system for keeping track of all issues.

It maintains a Gantt calendar. It manages news, credentials, and files.


It maintains separate Wikis and forums for each project. It is extremely efficient in maintaining a timeline for every project.

It allows different customization options according to issues, time-based entry, projects, and customers. SCM has been integrated into Redmine technology.

You can create an issue through email. It provides a choice of LDAP authentication maintenance.

Redmine is available in multiple languages and extends over numerous databases. Users need to register themselves to access the software.

You can read a demo available online to learn using the software. You can contribute to the development of Redmine by sending suggestions to the community volunteers.

Features of Redmine

  1. Multiple project support- Redmine can handle multiple projects at the same time. Using Redmine you can assign different projects to specific users. You can declare a project as public or private and control its visibility.
  2. Multiple subproject support- You can group correlated projects as subprojects under a major project.
  3. Flexible role-based access control- You can set roles for every user with only a few clicks of the mouse.
  4. Flexible issue tracking system- You can set your current status and determine the type of issues. You can maintain the workflow for each category of the issue and through the role-based interface of the administrator.
  5. Gantt chart and calendar- A timeline and calendar are maintained depending on dates of start, due dates, and time left for each issue and project.
  6. Time tracking functionality- Redmine keeps track of time at every level- project or ticket. You can generate time-based reports on user, issue class, group, etc..
  7. There are various customization options. You can determine your own customization categories. Multiple formats are allowed in Redmine.
  8. You can send messages and share files with other users.
  9. You can link current repositories to your projects.
  10. Instant notifications through emails about any changes make your job easier.
  11. Redmine supports different databases like MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.
  12. Redmine is compatible with thirty-four languages.

Redmine is the perfect manager for your business projects. It is a basic software with uncomplicated instructions.

Redmine can increase the rate of workflow movement. It assures you to get your job done in a 100% efficient manner.

Download: Redmine


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