Projecturf- online project management and task manager

Projecturf offers an extremely user-friendly interface for better management of projects. The plans offered come with all available features preventing cost hike with add-ons. It provides you with unlimited storage facility for your business plan coupled with its innovative logo service. Projecturf welcomes your input and does not dictate you about the management of your plans. Projecturf interface is the most spontaneous interface among the other applications of the same field. This makes it furthermore popular among the users.


Projecturf comes with its new improved version 2.1 curbing all the demerits of its previous version. Projecturf offers extremely efficient management of projects ranging from business projects to personal hobbies virtually from anywhere according to your personal needs. It essentially consists of three smooth steps where you add a project simply by tapping ‘OK’, then load the contacts from the address book which forms your team and finally get on with the management operations. It is equipped with innate applications that help you to monitor project activities calendar events and many a operations that facilitates better management.

Projecturf also provides excellent sharing facility where you can share files with team members on a project level. It understands the importance of collaborations in all project management hence it is equipped with conversing facility where you can hold discussions with your team members ensuring better management and communication among your team members. It also allows you to edit by means of an in-built applications where you can express your views which establishes its user-friendly nature.

Features of Projecturf- online project management

The new improved features of Projecturf- online project management are designed on the basis of user feedback such that it conforms to the needs of the user-

  1. Replying to discussions is not a problem. You can do it so simply via e-mail which will be synchronized online.
  2. Comparability is easier with lots of new reports with rapid speed of response, such that information can be retrieved easily.
  3. It has integrated subtasks and file versioning application.
  4. It allows switching between less active projects to the most active one via a quick jump menu.
  5. A time tracking application allows better management of time and it is also equipped with a reminder app which allows you to make notes.
  6. A new feature in the improved addition is that it presents bug tracking.
  7. Good news for the designers and developers that Projecturf imparts interface to innovate designs and develop code snippets.
  8. It has provisions which allow you to create small groups of people and assign them different responsibilities which facilitate faster working between the groups.
  9. It allows better privacy controls.
  10. It has excellent archiving facility that helps to do away with old topics and concentrate on new ones thus helping in prioritizing the topics.
  11. Projecturf allows multiple administrators in case if you want others to manipulate the projects and settings.
  12. The calendar applications allows to schedule events and there is also provision for exporting data from an external file source.

Projecturf is a user-friendly interface which ensures an excellent project management ranging from file sharing, data editing, innovating new designs.

Download : online project management – Projecturf


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