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Project Insight powered project management software is one of the leading project managing solution for the professionals in the mid-market. The application is web-based and is loaded with full-featured advanced functionality.

Project Insight

Project Insight’s project management software is a full-featured and web-based project managing solution that simply manages and organizes user’s projects so that user can easily access it whenever needed and can source it by their tags. This application is very useful tool for the pro software developers or project managers with plenty of functional features.

Unlike very high-end project managing solutions or portfolios, the application is not overkill for plenty of project team and team members. Plenty of free project managing solutions also do not have many features, and hence lacks functionality. Project Insight has tools and features that are exactly required for the user. The application bridges the gap between project managers and their team members with its user-friendly and easy to handle project-managing features.

The application has a unique ability for project, resource and portfolio management along with collaborating features that makes it an out of the box application for the professionals. Features like intelligent scheduling enables the users to control task dependencies that help in shifting tasks to regular schedules easily. The cross project resource allocation feature helps the users in balancing all the tasks and work in all projects of any portfolio effortlessly.

The team members of any project can access their tasks in real-time from their own portals and update it easily in the central database so that the project managers can access the updated and completed task. Team members can also updated their activities with a tap of a button. That means simplified work managing without running after the team members.

The real-time project and task updating helps the management to get detailed information and view the project status via reports and dashboards, thus no place for running after the team members to ask for updating reports manually. The application is easy to install simply by filling-up a form manually. The application is an easy to use project managing tool for the small software developing firms and organizations and almost replaces a full time employee, thus, saving the labor cost of the firm or organization.

Features of Project Insight

  1. Easy to use project managing tool- Project Insight’s project management software is a very handy tool to manage everyday tasks and projects.
  2. Smart Interface- The application has a nice layout and a smart interface with all the tools organized neatly that help the users to navigate through the application and use the tools and features efficiently.
  3. Exact tools and features needed for the pro users- The application is developed keeping in mind the exact tools and features and in-depth functionality that are needed for the pro software developers to develop a project.
  4. Intelligent scheduling feature- intelligent scheduling capacity helps the project managers to control task dependencies by shifting a task of any project to daily schedule and assignments without any effort.
  5. Cross Project resource allocation support- The cross project resource allocation support for Project Insight helps the users to balance their job across all the continuing projects in a portfolio.
  6. Simple click drag & drop interface- The project managing task can be simply handled by click, drag & drop options without getting into complex operations.

With an easy installation by simply filling up a form, users can get this application in their PC. Project Insight’s project managing software saves the cost of a full-time employee in any software developing firm while managing projects efficiently.

Download : Project Insight

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