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Project Desk is a task management and an online project management tool that enables a great deal of effective communication between the team members.

Project DeskSharing of in formations as well joint working on projects is facilitated through the use of this tool. The efficiently provided by this tool is also great and subtle.

From the eye of project manager he is required to manage the members of his team as well as to see if all the project activities are completed on time or not. You are free to give any tasks to the members of the team with due dates and priorities.

All your team members are automatically notified by the Project Desk through new tasks, provision of information at the completion of tasks and even aids in sending out reminders regarding the tasks that are not previously completed.

Each and every aspect of your project can be viewed by you and so stands out on a high note in the competition over others.

Project Desk provides a digital workplace of your own that helps in the improvement of communication between all your employees from any nook and corner of the globe, thereby providing a collaboration technology which will enable you as well as your partners to launch new products in the market in at very cheap budgets and at an incredible speed.

Project tasks can be easily monitored by you and can also detect and eliminate the issues related to people that may hamper the timely completion of your project.

Project Desk provides a medium that provides an effective management of tasks, projects and people.

Features of Project Desk

  1. Task tracking : Project Desk is system of task tracking and is highly sophisticated that successfully monitors the various tasks assigned to several members of your team and even makes you alert if you fail to perform a task with respect to due date. By this way a huge problem can be successfully overcome.
  2. Automated Emailing : A ‘Selective emailing system’ is built into the Project Desk that has system of full automation that is designated to perform several peripheral tasks such as the sending of the appropriate emails to the project members at the right when it is required. By this you can easily put your whole heart into functions of core project-management.
  3. Threaded Discussions : The entire process of communication is improved vastly through the use of Project desk and it also eliminates the various communication gaps that may exist within the members of the team with correspondence to your clients as well as other external agencies. This facility is provided through the provision of Threaded Discussions. The members of the team are free to post their queries as well as views, to be commented or answered upon by all the other members.

Thus, Project Desk is the tool for online project management that helps in the effective communication between all the members of your team and also removes the barriers to communication that lie in their path.

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