Project Bubble – simple project management and invoicing software

Project bubble is a online project planning, time tracking and invoicing software. The users are allowed to manage both the tasks and projects, track contacts and clients, and create invoices and estimates.

project bubble project management

Several projects that are continuing parallel with it are also managed with the aid of Project Bubble tool.

The application consists of the following sections –

  1. Dashboard, that provides the ongoing activity’s overview.
  2. The current projects are shown by Projects.
  3. All the uncompleted as well as completed tasks are shown by Tasks.
  4. The list of clients along-with the details of their contact is provided by Clients.
  5. All the contacts related to business are kept in Contacts.
  6. The estimates that has been made are put forward by Estimates and a the list of paid and pending invoices are kept by invoices.

A specific project name has to be provided by the user before the starting of a project, and the status of the project has to be stated also whether it will be scheduled on an specific date on whether it is an ongoing one, and even collaborators are invited so that they can work on the given project just by providing their email addresses.

The project can be also stated as private or public by the user which implies whether the project will be visible to some specific collaborators or all.

The progress of the project can be viewed by the collaborators who are clients. The invoice and estimate features also enable the user to create a PDF file that which will be used to email the customers.

The current activity of viewing the Clients, Project, or Invoices is provided to the user with the help of the Dashboard. March 2009 is the year in which Project was found and from that time onwards this has proved to be of worth.

Project is fully completed and the source that enables its completion is the sites such as and Zoho Projects.

The service and benefits provided by both these sites are very similar to Project Both the sites have paid and free plans, while the source of payment to Project is mainly on the basis of donation.

But, out of all these sites Project Bubble is the best and easiest one in terms of use. The look and feel of the site of Project is simply awesome.

Pages are loaded at a very rapid speed and this site very responsive as well. The task, project, invoice management and client tools all work pretty well.

Features of Project Bubble

  1. Manage clients, projects, contacts, tasks, invoices and estimates.
  2. Effective collaboration of team members on projects.
  3. The view of projects can be private as well public.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Invoices and estimates are generated in the PDF form.
  6. PayPal enables users to accept payments on the invoices.
  7. This application is used free of cost and it runs mainly on donation.

Those persons who are in need of using an easy and simple task management and also to use projects must use the site of

This site provides a great ease of use but it is coupled with very powerful features.

Download : Project Bubble


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