ProjecLead – Open source Project Management software

ProjecLead is a very simple application to manage the projects efficiently. Created by Pragmatism, the application is primarily web-based and allows the users or project managers to concentrate on their project rather than other tasks like project managing.

Project Managers need not to invest time in managing projects now, as they can use ProjecLead for their entire basic project managing needs expeditiously. Created and powered by Pragmatism, this tool is primarily a very efficient web based solution for managing all your projects.

The application is open source and can be used for free in two versions- one, a trial version for a month and two, as an online demo (can be used for unlimited time period). So, while you are working offline, you can use the one-month trial version of ProjecLead and while online, you can use the demo version online, as per your preference.

The tool helps in creating projects and managing them efficiently, along with daily assignments, risks and tasks. The application consists of collaborative forums of discussion where the team members can interact within themselves and work collectively on any project. ProjecLead also consists of timesheets and document management support as EDM. With the intuitive tools and features of this application, you can set up your own organization easily.

It also has a centralized authentication support and easy projects reporting feature. The application is available in two versions to cater the needs of various enterprises. The standard version-ProjeLead Standard is designed for common project management. The pro version- ProjecLead Enterprise is designed to cater the professional needs of any enterprise.

The standard version consists of features like organization setup support and creation & monitoring of tasks, assignments, projects, etc. The standard version also includes widgets and newsgroups. The professional version includes the above-mentioned features plus some additional ones, like, LDAP Integration, Customizable notification system, Resource allocation visualization, Ad-hoc queries, etc. The pro version has also the e-mail and phone support.

Features of ProjecLead

  1. Easy to use interface- The application, ProjecLead, ensures easy browsing through the interface and users can easily manage all their projects by a simple click of a button.
  2. Available in two free trial versions- The application is available in two free trial versions. The first one is an online trial version that users can use to manage projects online and can access from anywhere. The second one is a 30-days trial version that can be used offline to manage projects.
  3. Plenty of tools and features- The application has plenty of tools and features to provide the pro project managers an ease of mind while working and the freedom to manage all their project efficiently from any location.
  4. Web connectivity- The most catchy feature of this application is its online or web connectivity. From accessing newsgroups to e-mail and phone alerts, the application does it all for the project managers. Added to that, users can create online discussion forums and can communicate with their team members. The online interaction helps the team members to work on any project collaboratively.

With ample of intuitive tools and features, the application is still at its competitive phase, and trying to develop and update itself so that it can rule the market with gradual increase in number of users.

Download : ProjeLead


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