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Photogene is a very efficient and useful photo editing tool for Apple devices. The tool enables the user to crop photos, adjust the size and add special effects to the photos. Photogene is a very powerful image editor by Mobile Pond and is developed by a renowned developer, Omer Shoor.

Photogene photo editing tool for iPhone

Photogene is a nice photo editing tool for the apple mobile device users that lets the users to adjust, crop or edit any image efficiently. Added to that, users can add fun effects to their photos using this tool. Though the apple devices are available with built-in camera, but it (camera) does not have any editing tool to enhance the view, adjust the photo-size, add effects or crop any particular area.

Photogene can edit images and photos from the device’s library or from the built-in camera. Cropping and adjusting features of Photogene helps in making any image screen fit. The level slider feature (like in Photoshop) helps the user to control the image, while the auto levels helps in providing excellent and noise-free results within no time.

Users can easily draw their own crop box or can choose from the pre-defined sets of crop box to edit the images. Users can also adjust the color contrast and sharpness of any photo according to their preference. Apply effects like black & white, sepia, night vision, etc. easily and add frames and symbols to the images as well using Photogene.

For example, apply a cartoon dialogue bubble to an image and put some texts in it. Users can also change the background design or color using this photo editing tool. The application is compatible with the popular Apple mobile devices like iPod and iPhone.

Features of Photogene

  1. Easy to use application- This handy application, Photogene, is easy to use and user friendly too. The interface is smart and all the editing tools are well organized so that they can be accessed whenever needed.
  2. Cropping and adjusting support- The image editor has an in-built image cropping and adjusting support that helps the user to crop and adjust the images so that they can fit in the screen. The users can draw a crop box or can fetch from the custom crop boxes of the application to crop any image.
  3. Level-slider support- Like in Photoshop, here also the users get a level slider that can control images efficiently.
  4. Auto-Levels support- The auto- levels support helps the users in providing excellent and noise-free image editing results.
  5. Adjust the color contrast and sharpness of image- The application helps in adjusting the color contrast and the sharpness of an image so that the image can be visually enhanced.
  6. Add effects- The built-in features and tools of this image editor helps in adding effects, like, designing the background, changing the image into night, sepia or black & white mode, adding frames and symbols, etc.

The image-editing tool, Photogene, works as a support to the built-in camera of Apple mobile devices and helps in making visually enhanced images efficiently.

Download : Photogene

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