Paperless- Your iPhone to-do list builder

Paperless is a simple to create, yet an interesting application to create, manage and view ‘to-do’ lists on iPhone. As the name suggests, Paperless is an eco-friendly solution that replaces paper usage. The user can use the application to scan their bills, receipts, invoices, text files and other important documents.

Paperless todo list

Supported by MAC OS, Paperless is a simple and useful application to create lists and organize documents. With easy to follow and learn instructions, this application can be used by the novice iPhone users too. The application helps the user to create multiple lists of to-do tasks and can be accessed easily according to their alphabetical orders.

The users can also share the lists via web and can e-mail them to their friends and community. The application scans the important documents and easily categorizes them accordingly, so that the user can easily access them when they need. The smart interface and simple approach is the USP of this application. The application can be tried for free as ‘Paperless lite’ , which has full features, and afterwards, can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Features of Paperless

  1. Smart and simple approach- The application has a very smart yet simple and eco-friendly approach to replace papers.
  2. Creates multiple to-do lists- The application can create multiple to-do lists which can be accessed easily by alphabetical order.
  3. Can create lists of your choice- Paperless helps in creating different types of lists according to the user’s choice like a regular list, checkboxes or a checklist. The users can also decorate their lists using one among 300 colorful illustrations called ‘stickers’.
  4. Duplicate or move the list – In this application, the user can duplicate the lists or can move them to the other section.
  5. Share your list via web- The users of Paperless can share their lists in a clean format via web and can e-mail them to their friends and community.
  6. Search option- Paperless helps in making lists searching easy by adding a search tab in the application.
  7. Scan your important documents- Paperless helps in scanning the important documents like telephone bills, receipts, invoices, etc. and helps to keep them organized in folders categorically placed in the application.
  8. Notes section- The user can easily get the important events, appointments, tasks, etc. in the notes section of this application.
  9. Easy to understand tutorial- Though the application is very user friendly and easy to use, still there is a tutorial for the beginners which guides them step-by-step as how to use the application.
  10. Available for free trial- The full-featured ‘Paperless Lite’ version can be used for free on trial basis and is limited to store up to 15 lists. The paid version of paperless too, can be obtained by paying a nominal fee.

Paperless is simple and easy to use application to create various to-do lists for daily use. It eases the user from remembering the daily chores and gives the user a freedom to forget them easily yet getting them done.

Download : Paperless


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