Oplayer for iPhone and iPad to boost your media abilities

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Oplayer is an unique application that helps the users to boost there device’s media capabilities. The application is specially developed for the apple device users including iPod, iPhone or iPad users. The application is quite useful and helps in streaming video and audio files with the help of protocols like HTTP or RTSP.


Powered by Olimsoft, this immensely useful application helps in enhancing the media capabilities of the user’s apple device. The users can easily stream video or audio files over the protocols like RTSP and HTTP. The application ensures hassle-free transfer of files via WI-FI from PC to the desired Apple device and vice versa.

The application also has an inbuilt web browser so that the users can easily download as many as media files as they want to their apple device. The application also supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that helps the users to download media files. Added to that, Oplayer can play most of the video and audio files in various formats in iPhones. The application provides easy to use tools to delete, paste, cut or rename the files provided.

Features of Oplayer

  1. Easy to use application- The application is quite easy to use and the users can easily get acquainted with tools and functions.
  2. Simple Wi-Fi transferring feature- Oplayer has a very simple Wi-Fi transferring feature which helps in downloading and transferring files from the user’s PC to the specified Apple Device and vice versa.
  3. FTP client support- The File Transfer Protocol or FTP is supported by the application, which helps in downloading media files to the destined apple device and vice versa.
  4. Runs and Plays audio and video files in any format- Oplayer can easily play and run for audio and video files in many formats for your device.
  5. Video streaming-Oplayer also supports audio or video streaming via protocols like HTTP and RTSP trough 3G and Wi-Fi.
  6. File modifying- The file in this application can be modified easily by deleting, cutting, pasting or renaming a single or multiple files.
  7. Support of Playlist- With many features and tools, this application is one of the most useful applications powered by Olimsoft, and has a playlist support too.
  8. Opens and supports‘.sub’ and ‘.srt’ file- The application supports and opens ‘.sub’ and ‘.srt’ file too.
  9. Feedback section- The application had a full-fledged feedback section where users can easily log in and contact the service center of Oplayer in there own native language. The users can also receive feedbacks in their native language.
  10. Feedback checks- the feedbacks are checked frequently so that to check if there is any mail.

The application named Oplayer is a wonderful application when it comes to functionality and usability. With an attractive interface, the application has almost every feature user wants to have, from Wi-Fi to audio and video streaming. However, this application is specially designed for the MAC users and not compatible with any other Operating System.

Download : OPlayer for iPhone/iPad

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