Onstage – project management and Team collaboration tool for Great Teams

Collaboration and management of group projects are the two tasks that are easily achieved by the Onstage Portal quit easily.

Any type of document sharing is possible with the Onstage Portal and these can be shared with your colleagues while simultaneously keeping in check the book appointments, changes, progress monitoring of certain processes, task assignment to several people.

Customers are the first and the foremost preference of the Onstage Portal ensuring their complete satisfaction in each and every matter. Two versions are available for the same software and includes, an advert that is completely free, or an option that is so cheap in price lacking the adverts.

External software is not required to read the attached documents but this software itself allows the documents to be opened and read. Chimera created the Onstage Portal and it is a company that has been set up since 1999.

Internally this software has been used since 2005, and so it is provides a guarantee in its underlying quality since it has successfully stood out against the test that has been conducted on it for several numbers of times.

The ease-of-use and easy controlling features has made Onstage Portal very popular. It contains a very interesting design which is not only very modern but also sleek.

This software contains many features that are very useful and they include uploading multiple file, reply through email and several other collaboration functions that are sophisticated as well.

Onstage Portal solves very complex problems quite easily thereby making them very easy and simple to understand. Several tools are available that provides online collaboration bur out of all these available tools Onstage Portal is totally different compared to all other.

It has got a completely clean, interesting and a fresh look which that marks the goodness of its use. It is a great combination of simple interfaces and powerful features which serves all the purpose with ease.

Maintenance cost is absolutely free for Onstage Portal, along-with the features to make it an application that is of great use.

Features of Onstage

  1. Ease usability – The ease with which Onstage Portal can be used is beyond our imagination and this feature enables you to quickly send any reply to a received email via the email itself.
  2. You can specify the number of files you want to upload together.
  3. ipaper from scribd give you document preview feature that allow you to preview large document online before start downloading.
  4. Your website can be integrated with the Onstage Portal login.
  5. Your desire language can be spoken on-stage. It is now available in several languages including Danish, English, Hebrew, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and many more.
  6. Optimized for hand-held devices and PDAs – an interface that is streamlined is providing for the gadgets of yours.

Onstage Portal enables complete satisfaction of customers while providing an effective management of its employees. These feature s mark the increased usability of this software product.

Download : OnStage Online Workspace


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