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Dooster is an Online project management software. It allows easy collaboration over tasks with your working team. It helps you organize your tasks, appointments, schedules, contacts, and emails. It is easy to use. You do not require any training to learn to handle Dooster. You can keep track of each little task that is important to you. Dooster provides the perfect online solution for effective project management. From handling emails to organizing tasks Dooster does it all. This feature sets it apart from the rest of the organizing software.

Dooster Online project management software

Dooster lets you create projects and build tasks using its handy features. You can prioritize your tasks, set deadlines and reminders and assign work to your team members. You can access Dooster from your laptop or mobile device. You can view and manage every task on your list. You can easily access all your files since they are stored in one place. You can set privacy options so as to control users who can view them.

You can use Dooster with your current system. There is no major system upgrade necessary. You can view screenshots of the workflow and individual workload. You can master the art of time management once you start using Dooster. Dooster assures the safety of your data. It uses SSL encryption to ensure the security of your data. The paid versions of Dooster vary in cost. It ranges between $3.97 and $149.97 per month. You can try the free version for a period of 30 days before opting for a paid version.

Features of Dooster

  1. Using Dooster does not require any additional setup. You do not need to purchase any hardware or install any software. You can effectively apply its intuitive user interface to integrate tasks and emails. You can refer to the numerous video tutorials if you require a basic idea about how to handle the software.
  2. You can create and edit tasks easily. You can set deadlines for each task and make a priority list of all the tasks. You can simply insert or remove tasks from the lists. Tasks can be created or deleted via email.
  3. Dooster lets you collaborate with everyone. You can assign tasks to your co-workers and invite feedback from your clients. You can receive email notifications about the comments you receive or any other types of updates.
  4. People who are involved in a project can be notified about significant developments through mail.
  5. Dooster maintains the precise history of each task that has been ever created. They are updated automatically. You can group tasks according to categories. Dooster allows easy import and export of documents relevant to your project.
  6. Mindmaps allow you to view your project schematically beforehand. You can create and manage new tasks through the mind maps.
  7. You can add people to your team and delete them if required. Thus you can control who views which projects.

Dooster is a very efficient tool for managing your projects. It reduces your workload. It ensures that each of your job is done properly.

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