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The OmniGraphSketcher is one such application that helps you to bring out all your important graphs virtually in seconds.

For this you won’t be needing exact data or accurate explanations, all you need is your view and this app would be helping you out to bring out your graphical representations.


This app would be of great help to you at times of your project or presentation preparation where it will make your graph designing part extremely easy.

The OmniGraphSketcher therefore is a mishmash of data plotting technique from charting applications and the ease with which a simple drawing program works.

The prime objective of the app is providing effectual services for your sketching and drawing purposes. The OmniGraphSketcher though not a spreadsheet application but has the power of calculating in several aspects and also you can incorporate data from other sources.

You can create all your important graphical portions here and transfer it to your spreadsheet application. This would enable you to avoid the much complexities of the drawing tools found in the spreadsheet software.

The graphs in this application are taken beyond the specifications of spreadsheets. The graphs can be made so quickly here that you might want to use it more often.

Even pasting or exporting these graphs to other documents is simple and easy. The OmniGraphSketcher has 4 different modes of generating your graphical drawings.

It has all the required elements that are required to create effectual graphical drawings. The thing that makes this app intuitive from the very beginning is that anything on the screen is able to be dragged anywhere and edited accordingly.

Children would be really benefited with this software over their field of education.

Features of OmniGraphSketcher for Mac

  1. Easy import – it allow user to import data from anywhere for example, via copy paste commands and instantly gets a lovely graph which can be used as it already is, or even mark it the way you like.
  2. Simple and precise graph drawing – Allows easily drawing curves and shade in the important areas just like you are using any drawing program. Gets you numeric precision, but the pesky equations aren’t necessary. Even if you are not artist no problems because sketch recognition will turn whatever you are drawing into a clear curve, without wasted time to make everything perfect.
  3. Click & drag anything – Almost everything on your screen graphs can be dragged, including the data points, axes, labels and margins. Thus giving you flexible and effortless control over any portion of the figure. Even better, the adjustments options are displayed in real time , so the fine-tuning required becomes very easy. What’s more? OmniGraphSketcher helps you in connecting and aligning objects just by snapping them to the grid lines and also each other.
  4. Easy to add context – OmniGraphSketcher makes it quiet easy by provide analytical notes on your graph including colors, shapes, text labels, dashes, tick marks and arrows wherever you wish them to be. Just click your graph to edit existing information or add any new data.
  5. Exporting your graphs – Your graphs can be easily included in presentations, reports and on the web just by saving it in normal image formats. This can also be done via the "copy as image" command for integration with any note-taking applications.

Download : OmniGraphSketcher for Mac

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