Office Clip – web based Timesheet, Contact Manager and Issue Tracker

Office ClipOffice Clip is a web based software that helps you to manage your business through the web. it provide small businesses with all-in-one software to manage customers and employees, thereby making them more efficient and profitable. Two of its most valued features include time sheet tracking and expense tracking. The software has been upgraded up to 8.2.5 versions by December 2010. New features are constantly being added to the application. Customers get a fully configurable system that matches with their needs.

You can use MS Office with the help of this software and use some of the most extensive features that are not easily available on the Office pack. If you are already using an accounting software or Microsoft office suite, Office Clip will allow you seamless integration with them.

This prevents you from the usual retyping and pasting between various software(s).The software enables you to keep all your information in one place; therefore, you don’t have to jump from one software to another for various kinds of functions. One integrated software, Office Clip, enables you to keep your data safely in one place.

For someone who manages a small business, it is important to know more about new features of software techniques and for people with big businesses must have the relief of having all their data arranged in one software. Office Clip provides you with all these qualities. Office Clip provides you with multiple levels of security and being a completely web based software it enables you to work away from prying eyes.

There is a downloadable as well as web based demo version available on the website. There are various features like track time, invoice application, Office Clip Mobile and many more, that help you to function more quickly.

Features of Office Clip

  1. Web Timesheet Tracking: this feature records the amount of a worker’s time spent on each job. it has easy to use , Intuitive user interface that provide simple work operation for both management and employees to equipped with easily. Understand and analyze the tasks that consume their time and efforts, therefore identifying and isolating areas and directions for improving productivity.
  2. Expense Tracking: A feature that helps in tracking the the expenses of every employee in the organization.
  3. Web Contact Manager : Manages contacts with personal and group-wide filters. Associate tasks, appointments, campaigns, issues, documents, emails, notes and history with each contact.
  4. Bug and Issue Tracker: This track software bugs and issue-based projects, including Sales and HR. Fully customizable input fields, rule-based notification and powerful user-defined settings provide flexibility.
  5. Creating Campaigns: Through MS office, this feature enables you to create campaigns using MS word and use HTML emails to send them.
  6. In December 2010, Office Clip included “The Office Clip Invoice application” which now enables you to accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, Pay pal and your customer’s bank account (ACH payments available only in the US).

Thus, Office Clip is software that is new and efficient and its newly added features allow its customers to venture options that make managing their businesses simpler and quicker. There are two options available on their website. For first time users, there is the option for downloadable version and online hosted version. For people who want to buy the software, there is another option available on the website called “pricing”. There you would find the rates at which the software is available.

Download : OfficeClip


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