Nebulous Notes – Simple text editor for note-takers, writers, and coders

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For the busy professionals, it is too hard to keep a track of their to-do tasks and organize their schedules, appointments, etc. Nebulous supported by iOS is an easy solution for them. The application Nebulous Notes is potent and simple text-editor for iPhone which stores and manages files stored in cloud storage. You can also edit your documents stored in cloud simply by accessing it in Nebulous.

Nebulous Notes

Powered by iOS, Nebulous Notes is a wonderful application for coders, note-makers and writers. Users can get a backup of all their files and can access them using dropbox option.

You can get up to 2GB free space and free drop box account once you get the application. The USP of this application lies in its easy to use interface that is primarily focused towards its task of taking notes.

Features of Nebulous

  1. Takes notes efficiently- The application is very useful when it comes to taking notes. It can store and manage notes efficiently.
  2. Cloud storage access- It easily accesses files and notes from cloud storage and shows them in drop box.
  3. 2 GB free space- You can store files up to 2GB using your Nebulous notes.
  4. Free drop box account- The application provides a free drop box account and free clouds storage along with its other services.
  5. Password protected- The application keeps your notes and files password protected and you can use a unique PIN to unlock it.
  6. Various themes- You can choose and apply a theme to your notes for dream journaling, coding and writing.
  7. Easy to access files from any drop box- The user can easily access files from any drop box folder in this application.
  8. Multi-tasking- The application supports multitasking, i.e., the user can do multiple tasks at a time using the option.
  9. Save and view files in any coding or format- The application supports saving and viewing the files in every format and encodings.
  10. Preview notes in different formats- The users can easily preview notes and documents in different formats like MarkDown, HTML, RTF or MathML.
  11. Customize according to your choice- The application’s layout can be customized according to the user’s preference. For example, the font sizes can be increased or decreased to get better display and enhanced readability.
  12. Print directly- The application supports Air Print, an application that supports printing notes and documents directly.
  13. Full-screen “Writeroom” style editing support- The application gives a Full-screen “Writeroom” style editing support for the users.
  14. Multi-line tabbing- The application supports multi-line tabbing and untabbing, which means “Insert Tab” key functioning.
  15. Mono-spaced fonts- The application is more task-specific and supports mono-spaced fonts.
  16. Macro system support- The built-in macro system helps the user in adding mostly used keys to his/her toolbar and also helps in basic text including.
  17. Auto saving the documents- The application automatically saves your documents into its storage area and you can access them whenever you want to.

This handy application for iPhone and iPad is meant for the users who want to store and manage their files and can access them as well whenever they want to.

Download : Nebulous Notes for iPhone

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